Thread subject: Homeroasters - Home Roasting Coffee Community :: Artisan -> TC4 PID commands question

Posted by elkayem on 02/26/2019 2:56 AM

That did it, thank you! Responding to CHAN with # cleared the logjam, and now I am able to send PID ON/OFF commands, as well as set the SV and DCFAN speed. This is exactly what I was hoping to do.

Renatoa, thank you for sending the code snip. That cleared everything up. Now why didn't I think of just digging into the Artisan code?!

As written in the code, the only thing required is the # response to the CHAN command, since the other readline() calls will time out and the code drops to the ArduinoIsInitialized = 1 line. I've confirmed that is the way it works. However, it does appear that the author intended to require a # response to the UNITS and FILT commands as well. To be on the safe side, I'm going to add a # response to those messages as well, just in case the code is ever updated to be more strict.