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Posted by ChicagoJohn on 12/04/2016 8:24 AM

btreichel wrote:

Interesting, I find my areopress repeatable. But then I may be doing mine a bit different. Grind around table salt, next finest is espresso, pour 203 water into the press till the crust hits the top, crunch that down, water to 300 gr. Stir about 6 to 8 times, then rest my hands on the top. Oh, 17 gr, basically 1 flat areo scoop.

Thanks for sharing your AP method. I thought my AP was the most repeatable method I'd used up to that point, and I used it for around 18 months. I found temperature made a big difference and heated 450 ml water to 175-180°F and used 34 gm of hand burr mill grind probably a bit coarser than yours. I filled the cylinder after bloom before pressing, stirred 10 times the and diluted in the cup with the remaining water to about 400 ml product.

For the past month or so I've been hand grinding 45 gm to maybe French press level -- pretty coarse -- heating 500 ml water to 180°F, pouring 300 ml of that in my mug, dumping the grounds into the remaining 200 gm and stirring for 30 seconds, then pouring that slurry all at once into a stainless, paperless, pour-over cone over the mug with the 300 gm of water in it and letting it drain until it stops continuous flow to single drips when I remove it. (Actually, I've been doing this twice in succession every morning for the past 2-3 weeks having started a with 17 gm a day. Now I'm up to <cough> 90 gm. Shock )

I don't know if it's the automation in the roasting process or the change in brewing, but, to your question, I'm not able to discern any meaningful differences day-to-day now. I doubt I'll go back to the Aeropress since I find the new method quicker, easier, less messy, and easier to clean up and it just seems intuitively like there is less potential for variation in it.