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Kaffee Bitte 08/15/2008 8:51 AM
Well Eddie. I will be around much more frequently. Life has just been eating all my time recently.
David 08/14/2008 4:38 PM
Howdy Island Addict! B)
EddieDove 08/14/2008 4:33 PM
Yeah, I know Lynn ... I was hoping to catch you in the act that time. You have been missed! H)
Island Addict 08/14/2008 3:16 PM
lzsbearly 08/14/2008 6:26 AM
Welcome Island Addict!! H)
ginny 08/14/2008 1:54 AM
Island Addict, welcome to HR, thanks for taking time to join, post away...
Island Addict 08/13/2008 5:43 PM
Actually my handle is more about my location on an island than about specific coffee preferences. My coffee addiction is much broader.
Island Addict 08/13/2008 5:42 PM
Hey seedlings and Kaffee!
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 5:32 PM
Big fan of Kona's, Blue Mountains, Indonesians, etc?
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 5:31 PM
hello Island Addict! I see you!
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 5:28 PM
Just haven't been writing as many posts. Trying to catch up.
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 5:28 PM
I have been popping on every other day for a couple weeks now Eddie!
seedlings 08/13/2008 4:23 PM
Hi, Eddie. 'sup dawg?
seedlings 08/13/2008 4:03 PM
Howdy, howdy, howdy, Island Addict! Great to see you hanging out!
Island Addict 08/13/2008 3:46 PM
Thank you. I've been reading this forum for weeks soaking up homebrew roaster ideas. Lots of great stuff.
EddieDove 08/13/2008 3:32 PM
Welcome aboard Island Addict! H) Great handle ...
EddieDove 08/13/2008 3:31 PM
Lynn is in the house!!!
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 3:04 PM
Can't wait to see how it all comes together.
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 3:04 PM
Looks like Chad is learning some valuable lessons for air roaster builds.
Kaffee Bitte 08/13/2008 3:03 PM
Welcome kbfan!