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seedlings Offline09/16/2008 4:52 PM
avatarThe pleasure is always ours, redzone!
redzone Offline09/15/2008 10:29 PM
Thanks HR people !
Kaffee Bitte Offline09/15/2008 9:42 PM
avatarHappy to see the Yemens making a return at SM!!!! I also just got a hold of some Aussie Mountain Top!!! WOOT!!!
David Offline09/15/2008 6:46 PM
avatarkiwipete, redzone, a Big Welcome! B)
seedlings Offline09/15/2008 3:57 PM
avatarRoast some for the new guys, kiwipete and redzone! Welcome!
EddieDove Offline09/15/2008 8:11 AM
avatarWelcome aboard kiwipete! H)
EddieDove Offline09/15/2008 8:11 AM
avatarWelcome aboard redzone! H)
EddieDove Offline09/15/2008 5:09 AM
avatarNow that is a dedicated husband, Mark! My hat is off to you!
grinndel98 Offline09/14/2008 10:38 PM
She said she wouldnt know what to do if something happened to me...... So now I am teaching how to roast. LOL
grinndel98 Offline09/14/2008 10:34 PM
I took this beautiful day to roast 5lbs of HueHue into a melange blend. My dear wife helped me and tried to learn some of the specifics of my roasting method. She says she wouldn't know what to do
lzsbearly Offline09/12/2008 10:38 AM
I'm mostly recovered, but I wondering if that would be grounds for putting them in a nursing home ;)
ginny Offline09/12/2008 10:07 AM
avatarlooking for Micheal Guterman, any help out there??
David Offline09/12/2008 12:05 AM
avatarHowdy norton31! B)
EddieDove Offline09/11/2008 7:11 PM
avatarWelcome aboard norton31! H)
seedlings Offline09/11/2008 5:00 PM
avatarWhat a rancid thought. Are you going to make it?
lzsbearly Offline09/11/2008 4:07 PM
sorry that was "hard"
lzsbearly Offline09/11/2008 4:06 PM
It's great to be back here, I've been a bit depressed. It was had to watch my parents mixing instant and fresh coffee Shock
lzsbearly Offline09/11/2008 4:04 PM
Welcome norton31!! H)
seedlings Offline09/11/2008 12:10 PM
avatarHere's a rousing caffeinated welcome to you norton31! B)
ginny Offline09/11/2008 9:44 AM
avatarnorton31 WELCOME, thanks for joining us!!