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EddieDove 09/04/2008 1:39 PM
I agree with Lynn! Great new avatar Chad! Any way to incorporate your previous with it?!?!?! Loved it too and it tweaks Ginny and will keep you on the BBL in good standing!!!
Kaffee Bitte 09/04/2008 1:26 PM
Like the new avatar Chad! Drinking a good deal of coffee now a days eh?
seedlings 09/04/2008 8:39 AM
Updates, Ginny? Hmmm...might as well update the avitar too...
John Despres 09/03/2008 1:42 AM
Thanks, Eddie. What a difference it really makes. I now have a yardstick to measure other brews against. YUM!!!
EddieDove 09/03/2008 1:24 AM
Hey John, Congrats on the new Tehnivorm!
ginny 09/02/2008 4:29 PM
in about a week all uopdates will be done and WOW will you all love the new changes!!!
ginny 09/02/2008 4:29 PM
hey Gene Cafe owners, got any comments for eddie on the disassembly of the Gene Cafe?
EddieDove 09/01/2008 12:14 PM
No sir. No directions this time. Maybe next time ...
David 09/01/2008 10:53 AM
HUGS 9 in on!
John Despres 09/01/2008 9:17 AM
WOOHOO! They roast better when fully assempbled, I hear. While it was apart did you build directions like the Gene Cafe?
EddieDove 09/01/2008 6:22 AM
Mom is nervous, but so far so good. They are here with us now.
EddieDove 09/01/2008 6:13 AM
IT'S ALIVE!!! Just ran the Hottop through a complete cycle and it worked perfectly!!!
ginny 09/01/2008 4:54 AM
eddie, how is your mother doing?
ginny 09/01/2008 4:54 AM
blame it on the peanuts [email protected][email protected]!
EddieDove 09/01/2008 3:53 AM
Thanks, John. Still here ... putting a Hottop back together that I took apart almost a year ago ...
John Despres 09/01/2008 2:35 AM
So, you've not evacuated? Stay safe!
EddieDove 09/01/2008 1:53 AM
Well ... there's a lot of wind and rain ...
ginny 08/29/2008 4:45 AM
good morning gentlemen!! how are we all faring in the storms??
seedlings 08/29/2008 2:14 AM
And to you, Eddie!
EddieDove 08/29/2008 1:26 AM
Good morning, Chad!