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lzsbearly 09/11/2008 10:06 AM
It's great to be back here, I've been a bit depressed. It was had to watch my parents mixing instant and fresh coffee Shock
lzsbearly 09/11/2008 10:04 AM
Welcome norton31!! H)
seedlings 09/11/2008 6:10 AM
Here's a rousing caffeinated welcome to you norton31! B)
ginny 09/11/2008 3:44 AM
norton31 WELCOME, thanks for joining us!!
seedlings 09/11/2008 2:46 AM
I'll take "chocolate bomb" for $1000, Pat. Uh, I mean, Lynn. Great description!
Kaffee Bitte 09/10/2008 3:38 PM
It probably isn't the same El Salvador Chad. But the one I got was really tasty at City, iffy at Full City, and a chocolate bomb at Vienna.
Dan 09/10/2008 4:57 AM
CRLM for a coffee tasting I'm having. And, Kenya Auction lot peaberry.
seedlings 09/10/2008 4:20 AM
Never had it before but I got a pound of El Salvador for my birthday. Any roasting tips?
Kaffee Bitte 09/09/2008 4:07 PM
Morecoffee has some. I am not sure about SM. They might still have some.
EddieDove 09/09/2008 3:27 PM
Love El Salvador coffee. Used mine up last week ... need to get more ...
Kaffee Bitte 09/09/2008 2:26 PM
A really nice Mallabar and Aged Sumatra for the french press. And an El Salavador resting to be sampled soon.
Kaffee Bitte 09/09/2008 2:25 PM
I have a nice Yemen SO in my espresso grinder.
EddieDove 09/09/2008 2:12 PM
Tomorrow morning, Kenya Hiriga ... can't wait!!!
Kaffee Bitte 09/09/2008 1:26 PM
Hello out there! What's everyone drinking this week?
ginny 09/05/2008 11:30 AM
I just arrived in Susanville, CA on my way home to Snowflake. the only good motel is a wi fi motel!!
ginny 09/05/2008 11:25 AM
eddie you had better watch your pea's and que's
ginny 09/05/2008 11:24 AM
love the avatar CHAD...
seedlings 09/05/2008 2:05 AM
...Only 2 hours and 55 minutes till Rush... :)
seedlings 09/05/2008 1:57 AM
Point taken, Eddie! Sure don't want someone thinking another messiah could change my mind.
David 09/04/2008 3:04 PM
Chad, who is that un-masked man?