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David 09/01/2008 10:53 AM
HUGS 9 in on!
John Despres 09/01/2008 9:17 AM
WOOHOO! They roast better when fully assempbled, I hear. While it was apart did you build directions like the Gene Cafe?
EddieDove 09/01/2008 6:22 AM
Mom is nervous, but so far so good. They are here with us now.
EddieDove 09/01/2008 6:13 AM
IT'S ALIVE!!! Just ran the Hottop through a complete cycle and it worked perfectly!!!
ginny 09/01/2008 4:54 AM
eddie, how is your mother doing?
ginny 09/01/2008 4:54 AM
blame it on the peanuts [email protected][email protected]!
EddieDove 09/01/2008 3:53 AM
Thanks, John. Still here ... putting a Hottop back together that I took apart almost a year ago ...
John Despres 09/01/2008 2:35 AM
So, you've not evacuated? Stay safe!
EddieDove 09/01/2008 1:53 AM
Well ... there's a lot of wind and rain ...
ginny 08/29/2008 4:45 AM
good morning gentlemen!! how are we all faring in the storms??
seedlings 08/29/2008 2:14 AM
And to you, Eddie!
EddieDove 08/29/2008 1:26 AM
Good morning, Chad!
farmroast 08/28/2008 5:32 PM
the weather back east has been great the last couple weeks and is supposed to continue. Relief after 30 days of rain
grinndel98 08/28/2008 3:47 PM
Going back home to East Tn this wknd. Smoking chickens and roasting 10lbs of korate dp for my brother.
David 08/28/2008 2:57 PM
"DragonCon" - the huge fantasy/SF convention - is in town this week-end and I have been roasting for the hard-working staff. B)
mehhistory 08/28/2008 6:38 AM
Staying home. Roasting meats AND greens. Pressing wine, planning harvest trips. Otherwise, keeping it loose. Keeping Gulf Coasters in prayers!
seedlings 08/28/2008 4:19 AM
Home for us. Heck, we're even having regular soccer practice on monday eve for my daughter's team!
EddieDove 08/28/2008 4:03 AM
Home until Tuesday unless we get run off by Gustav.
ginny 08/28/2008 3:13 AM
what up all, home or short trip for this holiday weekend??
grinndel98 08/27/2008 7:12 AM
Hi seedlings...... everyone!