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snwcmpr 01/28/2019 3:31 AM
I can notice some nuances, but not name them. Hence my saying "I wish I could taste as well as I can roast".
snwcmpr 01/28/2019 3:30 AM
I am 'blessed' with a limited palate. That and a car accident that broke my nose, and resulted in burn therapy to restore my nasal breathing.
snwcmpr 01/28/2019 3:25 AM
We are a big fan of African here. I would like to look into other regions better. HINT!!
JackH 01/27/2019 11:53 PM
Kenya is one of my favorites too Ken. Sometimes you can get blackberry if roasted just right.
snwcmpr 01/27/2019 4:49 AM
Today .. the last of the Kenya Othaya Peaberry. Roasted to 409°. Very good.
snwcmpr 01/25/2019 1:05 PM
Not mine. I went to OK for a funeral, and when I got back I bought some PNG from a local roaster. He has a new roaster guy and he is doing really well. Lighter than we used to get it. So, good.
JackH 01/25/2019 12:11 PM
Hello Ken, Any good coffee lately?
snwcmpr 01/25/2019 6:12 AM
Checking in. Hello.
JackH 01/04/2019 10:55 AM
2 years today...Miss you Ginny!
JETROASTER 01/04/2019 4:24 AM
A little shout for the G'ster. 2 yrs. roar
allenb 12/27/2018 5:14 AM
Hi Brandon, please disregard the "please update". I think we're all up to speed now. The need for cache clearing get's me every time! limb
NetriX 12/26/2018 11:36 AM
Update? pouring Merry Christmas back atcha
allenb 12/26/2018 3:07 AM
Merry Christmas Brandon. Please update soon! christmas tree
NetriX 12/25/2018 1:09 AM
christmas tree Merry Christmas to all
JackH 12/25/2018 12:44 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone! christmas tree
JackH 12/24/2018 3:03 AM
Welcome dsmalls26
JackH 12/20/2018 10:17 AM
Thanks Brandon! We appreciate your help with the site. ThumbsUp
NetriX 12/20/2018 2:29 AM
Finally, a day off! Will try for some updates to the site tonight. cross fingers
JackH 12/19/2018 7:03 AM
Welcome RedRoaster
JackH 12/18/2018 10:56 AM
welcome2 slantforward