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Koffee KosmoAdmin Offline08/28/2020 7:15 PM
avatarI have updated my signature and added links to the KKTO roaster build
snwcmpr Offline08/16/2020 8:12 AM
avatarI will say, it only happened once, briefly, to me.
NetriXAdmin Offline08/16/2020 7:57 AM
avatarI was blocked too, our hosting provider is dropping the ball lately. thumbdown
Koffee KosmoAdmin Offline08/12/2020 5:37 PM
avatarAnd I thought it was just me that couldn't access the site All good now - coffee kept me company
JackHAdmin Offline08/10/2020 8:46 PM
avatarHad to make myself another cup of coffee to get through it.
snwcmpr Offline08/10/2020 7:33 PM
avatarI went into withdrawal for a bit. Now .. all is good. roar
mtbizzle Offline08/10/2020 7:26 PM
Yeah Jack I think so, I couldn't access for a bit
JackHAdmin Offline08/10/2020 6:51 PM
avatarDid we lose the site for a while?
JackHAdmin Offline08/06/2020 3:33 PM
avatarAllenb, how are you doing?
Oneal Offline08/05/2020 1:08 PM
Is anyone roasting on a Coffee Tech FZ 94? Using Artisan. Need help. thumbdown
mtbizzle Offline08/03/2020 11:26 AM
There is (or was? Grin ) a gesha at sweet marias...
snwcmpr Offline07/25/2020 12:31 PM
avatarI ran out of Ethiopian Gesha.
snwcmpr Offline07/25/2020 12:31 PM
avatarit is ok. I do not remember. I think it was a callout to the spam shout.
JackHAdmin Offline07/24/2020 3:52 PM
avatarSorry Ken, I deleted your shout by mistake. Lots of shoutbox spam attacks lately.
JackHAdmin Offline07/04/2020 10:27 AM
avatarHappy 4th of July! jazzyhands
JackHAdmin Offline06/24/2020 7:58 AM
avatar@Mark McCornack, Please post your question in the forum.
Mark McCornack Offline06/15/2020 9:28 PM
Hi! Looking for a legacy inlet temp sensor on 13 yr old Gene Cafe. It seems they've changed it and now you need new mother board and new sensor. Any ideas where I can find compatibile old one? Mark
Samaniego Offline06/09/2020 6:39 PM
Wich thermometers Can i buy for my roasting machine compatible with usb or macbook?
JackHAdmin Offline06/05/2020 5:38 PM
avatarpeveleth, It is better if you start a post in the forum with your question. These shouts go away in time.
peveleth Offline06/05/2020 3:10 PM
For Gene Cafe Roasters I have an older Gene Cafe Roaster. Temp fluctuates probably showing age. Question: For recent owners of the newer Gene Cafe Roaster, your opinions?