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Koffee Kosmo
· 08/28/2020 7:15 PM
I have updated my signature and added links to the KKTO roaster build

· 08/16/2020 8:12 AM
I will say, it only happened once, briefly, to me.

· 08/16/2020 7:57 AM
I was blocked too, our hosting provider is dropping the ball lately. thumbdown

Koffee Kosmo
· 08/12/2020 5:37 PM
And I thought it was just me that couldn't access the site All good now - coffee kept me company

· 08/10/2020 8:46 PM
Had to make myself another cup of coffee to get through it.

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Frankenstein’s Monster Whirley Pop Build
Heya folks!
So I posted a while ago regarding my interest in fabricating a drum roaster from scratch out of sheet metal. Realizing I lack the tools and money necessary to do that, I decided to shoot lower.

Currently I’m waiting for all the parts come in, but the up and coming setup will be based around an aluminum whirley pop with a thin tefal pan between it and the 1 burner camp stove I’m using as a heat source. On top of that, I recently installed two thermocouples on a yoctopuce thermocouple data bridge. It connects to artisan nicely and everything works fine on that end.
The parts I’m waiting for that’ll be implemented once they arrive are a 150 RPM dc motor, a female dc connector, two cables to connect the connector and motor, and a dc power adapter with male connector and speed controller to control motor RPM.
On top of that I’m also waiting for a heat gun with variable heat settings and about three airflow settings. This is intended to be used to control convection heating.
That’s where I have one question: Will the heat gun and and camp stove be too much? In the case that it is, I’m waiting for a 12cm fan to arrive as well, as it’ll be used for my bean cooler, but could be doubled up as an airflow/chaff remover similar to the Huky 500’s fan setup. As someone who likes the more delicate, light coffees, the intent of this setup was to be able to make nuanced and complex roasts repeatable, rather than blindly roasting with an analogue thermometer and a bit of luck. I’ve had a couple phenomenal light roasts from my WP, but I’d like to have full control over every element, hence the numerous things being slapped onto it.

I’d love to hear everyone’s input on this setup. All parts should arrive by the 9th-10th of September, at which point I’ll put everything together and run a few test roasts. I’ll make sure to upload pictures!

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble Grin
Welcome ! BBQ grill

Indeed, too many things, the more they are added, the more you will panic when something don't work in the intended direction... Grin
Especially the dual heating source is something that afraid me as ... beep... censored... Shock
Blindly roasting can have its charm... if done properly. Actually, roasting coffee process model is a constant heat source for 90% of the time. What we call the perfect roasting profile is actually nothing else that the heat absorption equation of a body immersed in a constant heat enclosure.


renatoa wrote:

Welcome ! BBQ grill

Indeed, too many things, the more they are added, the more you will panic when something don't work in the intended direction... Grin
Especially the dual heating source is something that afraid me as ... beep... censored... Shock

Ahh, okay. In that case, I think I may try some test roasts with either source alone to see which flavor profile I prefer overall!
In terms of airflow, would you recommend I set up something similar to the Huky's airflow setup, or would that be superfluous?
Not sure I understand your setup... is it whirley pop in the vertical axis standard position, and agitation done by rotating blades, or a rotating drum made from a whirley pop pot body, with horizontal axis?

In both cases I have no idea if there is any sense to talk about airflow if you don't have the roasting chamber = drum/whirley, placed inside an oven, less or more sealed or insulated.
When roasting chamber is in open air, the only airflow I can think is natural hot air convective movement.
Look at kaldi roasters family, for the simplest way to place a drum under a hood, that way we some form of forced airflow that we can work with.

Also, 150 RPM is too much if you don't have a variable speed setup, or other method (gears/belt) to reduce speed. Will make your beans stuck on wall and burn. There are formulas to compute the maximum rotation speed for a given radius, for 20 cm diameter is in the 50-70 RPM ballpark.
It's on the vertical axis with roating blades. I made sure to buy a speed controller along with my motor so I can control the RPM.

Would you recommend I instead perforate the bottom of the whirley pop and install a driveshaft of some sort so I can make it a horizontal, more traditional drum roaster? That is something I could definitely do. Alternatively, I could also search for a small stainless steel cylinder of sorts. I don't want a large batch size as I'm roasting solely for myself (nobody else here really drinks much coffee except for me). Just around the 250-300 gram mark, or 10oz output per batch. That's where the complication of riveting and welding come into place. While my father-in-law has those tools on hand, I'm not sure how to go about fabricating a small drum roaster.
As a side note, please be aware that all the stories you read in a lot of places about the airflow importance in coffee roasting are related to drum builds mainly.
Other methods are using constant airflow for the whole roast, without any, or minimal impact.

Regarding recommending something, as you can found from my past posts, I am a fan of turbo oven lid builds, because it is by far the best heat source you can buy and use as is, with minimal tinkering.
Stove flame is hard to control and reproduce, while hotgun beam is too narrow, thus not even heating.
Check "Turbo Oven Roasters" subforum here for such builds, or search on internet for "turbo oven coffee roasting".
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