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09/18/2019 4:09 AM
JavaBob ... You will get more response if you post a question on the forum rather than the shoutbox.

09/17/2019 5:50 AM
check out the Hive Roaster!

09/16/2019 4:03 PM
Has anyone used a Leister hot air blower to roast coffee and if so, which model did you use? What was your experience like?

09/16/2019 3:53 PM
Source for customable borosilicate glass cylinders for use as a roasting chamber?

09/06/2019 7:25 AM
how to make medium raw colored beans to dark ?

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Initial TC4 Setup for Newbie
I finally finished my new roaster build and my TC4 driven control panel. Unfortunately, I am not terribly gifted with understanding coding and have been a bit stymied by figuring out how to load the TC4 sketches and adjust them to actually fire the roaster up and see how she goes.

Can anyone recommend a good video, source, etc. for a tutorial on how to get going?

I can access the TC4/Arduino on my Macbook via USB in order to upload and open everything but start to get confused by all the lines of code -- where to begin when it all looks the same to me! Shock
Maybe I'm missing something, but you do realize the TC4 is a circuit board, which along with a few other necessary components is used to monitor or control a roaster. The TC4 software is just the Arduino based software to control that circuit board, does absolutely nothing without the circuit board. Which there are several versions of that software.

If by panel, you mean you have a TC4 controller and all the necessary components to monitor or control the roast, which ever you plans may be, then you have to decided which Program you plan to use. Artisan or Roast logger, etc.

Give a few details on exactly what you have and what you want to do.
Edited by BenKeith on 09/09/2019 11:09 AM
Yes, of course -- sorry.

By panel I mean I have assembled the TC4 with an Arduino Board, PWM Controller, SSRs, etc. I would like to use it with Artisan and have that downloaded but am feeling overwhelmed by the initial coding to have it control the roaster.

My current 1lb roaster is totally manual -- heat on/off switch, fan by variac speed controller, reclaiming heat with a little input air control via pvc ball valve. I dump the beans, hit the heat and fan on, control the spouting bed via the vac motor controller, and end the roast by visual/audio cues.

I went (want to go) the TC4/Arduino/Artisan route because the new capacity is much larger (2kg hopefully) and I want measurable and reproducible results moving forward.
Sounds like you need Brads ArtisanQ-PID. It's written to interface with Artisan.
I'm still a little foggy on your board. Is this a Arduino board you are trying to use or is this an actual TC4 board? While the TC4 board is based on the Arduino board, there are some things the TC4 board has that required and not on any of the Arduino boards. The programs to interface with the TC4 are written to for specific pins on the TC4.
Since Jim has gotten out of the TC4 board, Brad and a couple others are making either TC4's or TC4 compatible boards if you don't have one of those.
As for setup, I don't use Artisan, and it has to be configured for the TC4 so can't help you there. I will assume you plan on using aArtisanQ-PID since it's written to mainly work with Artisan if you planning on using the PID to control your heater/fan. There is a USER-H file for that you go through and setup for your application and it's pretty much self explanatory. You do have to use the Arduino software to access and change the USER-H.
So, first you setup the user-h and compile it with aArtisan into the TC4 Then you setup Artisan for the TC4. If all goes well, you will get temperatures on the Artisan screen, if things don't go well, you will get 0.0 for temperatures on Artisan. If you get zero's for temps, Artisan is not interfacing with the TC4. That's usually caused by something not being right in the Artisan setup, but can also be something you missed in the user-h.
Any help beyond that is not something I know, because like I said, I don't use artisan.
Start with learning how to program the Arduino board with the Arduino software on your Mac. Check out the Arduino website for basic guidance on this.

The only code you will need to modify is in the user.h tab in the Arduino software after you open the sketch. That's where all the customization and setup is done.

Also make sure you copy all the library files included in the downloaded sketch into your arduino library folder.
I guess I should have mentioned, there is a very specific order the files have to be loaded for Arduino. I've never used a Mac so not sure how to tell you how to do that. In windows you follow this order. Do not install the program, made a Arduino folder in your documents folder and copy the files to it. There is a Libraries folder in Arduino, and when you download aArtisanQ-PID, there are some library files in it that have to copied into the Arduino Libraries folder. If this is not done, aArtisan will not work.
So, once you get your Arduino folder setup and all files copied into it
Below the libraries folder, make a folded named Sketches.
Inside the Sketches folder make a folder for aArtisan and extract all aArtisanQ-PID files into it. Find the Libraries in aArtisanQ-PID and copy all those files into the Arduino Libraries folder.
Now initiate Arduino and it should load up and take you to basically a blank sheet a little stuff in the top left corner.
At the top of that you will see some pull down menus, click on File and go down to the one named SKETCHBOOK. Follow over to the right and you should see your Sketches folder and to the right again and you should see the aArtisanQ-PID folder.
I there you should see two folders, one for aArtisanQ-PID and one for the Profile loader
The Profile loader has to compiled and loaded into the TC4 first.
Next you will click on aArtisanQ-PID and it should fill the screen. At the top, you will see different headings and to the far right you should see one named USER-H and click on it. Go down through it a make the changes needed for your application.
Once you have all the necessary changes, compile it and load it into the TC4. Unless Brad had found a magic wand, you will get a memory warning when it has finished compiling, ignore that. The TC4 should be ready to use now.
If by chance you don't see the aArtisanQ-PID folder, go into the TOOLS pull down and make sure you have the UNO Board selected, and make sure you are seeing the proper port and file path. If it's not showing the port, it's not seeing the board.
It has been a long time since I've had to do any of this so if I'm not right, hopefully someone else will correct my mistakes.
I appreciate all the replies - I'll give it another go this weekend. Thanks!
I can assist you through a remote session for the whole process, but in Windows only...
If you have a Windows machine around, we can to this, then you replicate on Mac.
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