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08/18/2019 4:31 AM
Awesome I sent an email to AllenB and JackH The email to JackH failed. I had screenshots of my settings.

08/18/2019 3:37 AM
Jack and I are enlisting help from our PHP site admin to try and solve as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know.

08/18/2019 2:53 AM
I got another PM last night......... No email notice.

08/17/2019 7:36 AM
Email address correct. I constantly check junk folder. I turned off, then on, the setting to receive notice.

08/17/2019 7:10 AM
Also check that there are no spam filters set for email.

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Novice Roaster Help
Hello everyone
I have been roasting for several months on a stovetop with a WhirlyPop popcorn popper.

Apart from the first 2-3 (which were not roasts but rather burns) I have been able to produce fairly good consistent results.

Generally, I am roasting Mexican coffee from Chiapas, Oaxaca and/or Veracruz to a City-Full City roast. My batches are smaller about 9-10oz at a time.

I place the popper on top of an old frying pan because I found that that way I am able to better control temperature,
to avoid sudden changes and/or burning. The temperature raises and lowers more gradually because the flame
is not direct. I monitor the temperature by an infrared temp gun. Now that I have a bit more experience I generally do not monitor as closely the temp but follow the roast by sight & smell. Whenever I check the temp I have to open the popper & I lose heat, so I try to avoid this.

A typical roast:
Time (Min) Temp (F) Flame (%) OBSERVATION
0m 400 100 Start time, beans dropped, drop temp 400F
1 200 50 Flame reduced
5 250 100 Flame increased
10 275 100 Drying phase
15 325 100 *12-20 avg first crack
20 400 100 *15-25 2nd crack
25 400+ 100 *Max time 25min

Typical result:
Depending on the particularities of the coffee, origin, etc there are slight variances in the results above,
most especially in the time length. Generally, I try to follow the roasting profile curve (typical S) but evidently with
my chosen roast method being more "rustic" there are many variables I cannot control as finely as other more
"high tech" options.

A typical FC begins at about 15min and approx temp of 360-390F. I usually pull at the beginning of the 2nd crack typically at about 18min.

Depending on the target roast I will monitor more or less closely after the FC . If I desire a medium American roast I would begin to taper off the flame/temp and get ready to pull the beans. If I desire a slightly darker Italian roast I will let the beans linger in the heat until the desired roast, pull the beans quickly and expose them to fan to cool them quickly.

I always expose the beans to the fan, cool air immediately. I let the beans rest in between 12-24 hours before consumption. I prepare my coffee in a Hairo v60 using a calculated pour over method.

All that being said, I am questioning if there are more elements that I could add/remove in order to improve the quality of the roast results.

As seen above in the temp, I am not certain if the infrared temp gun detects the bean temp or air temp. I direct the gun
at the beans but I believe it is actually measuring air temp? How does this element affect me?

Also, I have recently purchased an amount of Geisha beans. This is a new bean for me and it is causing me trouble because the roasts are widely inconsistent. Is there a way to improve uniformity in the roast?

Any help, comments, criticism would be greatly appreciated!
Infrared means radiated heat by an object, air don't radiate heat as a solid matter, so your measurement is mostly beans, but...
The problem when measuring temperature of an object using IR is the color of the objects, or rather its darkness, because all the IR reading calibration theory is built around the "black body" concept. An article that explain better:


So, in the early phases, when greens are very light colored, I guess the temperature will be seriously off from what you read.

Also, FC at minute 15 is a bit at the limits of what is considered a good roast.
Try increase flame and/or reduce quantity, until you have FC at minute 10-12.

I would consider switching to a mesh drum instead WhirlyPop, search on ebay for "Drum Oven Basket"
This drum can be easily motorised with a KTYZ60 60 RPM motor, and you have a bare stove roaster for $25.
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