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10/18/2019 2:37 PM
Eth Nat Yirg Idido roasted yesterday. I dropped some off at a friends coffee shop. In a few days he will brew it and tell me what he thinks. We believe my roasts are better than what we buy.

10/16/2019 2:52 PM
Thank you for all you guys do.

10/15/2019 2:02 AM
They seem to be after the shoutbox. They have been removed. I don't see anything in the forums.

10/14/2019 3:27 PM
We have been hacked. A whole lot of posts that have filled up the whole forum.

10/10/2019 4:49 AM
Honduras Royal Reserve today.

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My drum/bbq roaster
Hi all.

So this will be a drum roaster that uses a gas grill for a base. It has 3 burners in the grill and can reach 700+ degrees while cooking so I should be good on heat. The first thing I did was take the thermal shield from the lid and cover the grill top. I will weld up a small flue that the drum will sit on and give me enough clearance for a bean drop chute. I’m going to build out a cooler and attach it to the side. Right now I’m perforating the inner drum. That is a pain. Next steps will be to finish the drums. And get them mounted. Then I’ll build the cooler/exhaust system. Lastly, I will install the motor and cut the face for the outer drum for the bean door, sight window, temp probe and traier if I can figure that out. Any suggestions on a motor would be greatly appreciated
kwrcst attached the following images:
innerdrum.jpg grilltop.jpg grill.jpg outerdrum.jpg

Edited by kwrcst on 03/28/2019 1:54 PM
Update. I have the heat shield installed with the homemade Flue welded in place and the outer drum installed. I have also completed the inner drum to shaft instal. I need to figure vane config but I will wait until I get the motor and confirm the turning direction. My luck I will install the vanes backwards. I think I will use a thicker steel plate for the from rather than the stainless lid that came with the pot. this will allow me to add the drop door, intake tube and trier easier. This thin metal is a killer to weld. Yes, My welds are horrible but they hold. That's good enough for now.
I can get the inner chamber up to 500 deg without a front panel attached so I think I can get another 50175 out of it with it sealed up. Not that I will need 600+ degrees. Anyway, just a quick update. If you have a suggestion for a motor, I would appreciate it.
kwrcst attached the following images:
inside_drum.jpg img_4280.jpg img_4281.jpg
update. It may look like Frankenstein but I think it will work. The motor is on the way
kwrcst attached the following images:
img-5104.jpg img-5103.jpg img-5102.jpg 58674614690-3da4b3bb-7895-4f20-8d9d-47dbd1872ddd.jpg 58674613611-37cdefdc-c3c2-4442-ab76-45bdf0e3339f.jpg

If it tumbles the beans and evenly distributes the heat and heat is easily controllable with temperature feedback, any perceived lack of beauty will quickly be forgotten while you are cupping and savoring that dynamite roast done a couple of days earlier in the week!

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
So i'm on like Version 10 now. the inner drum has been the main issue. the original drum was made of a thin steel stock pot and once the inner hardware was installed, it wouldn't run flush to the face. I had everything up and running perfectly and then I ran a test batch of beans into the drum to see how they tumble and discharge. Well, the drum and face separate a small bit at 1 point on the cycle and all the beans discharge out and down into the burner section of the roaster. Scrapped the drum and started over.

Had a friend that has a sheet metal roller so I decided to grab a section of 1/8th " steel and form my own drum. This would have been great if the roller could have actually rolled a "Round" piece of metal. It was just out of round enough that I couldn't compensate with the stirring arms.
To top it off, this friend "Did me a favor" and welded it to the face place before I could explain the design. Now I'm out of a drum and a face plate.

V10: I have a 20lbs propane cylinder. I have drained, purged, flooded and neutralized all hazards inside the tank, split it open to the right size only to find a steel band that is used for a weld support when the tank is assembled. Why can't this just be easy? Now the process is going to be to somehow remove this band, combination of cutting and grinding, and then smoothing out the inside of the tank. I think I can do a few more washes with baking soda and peroxide to neutralize any chemicals that may be leaching to the metal. I will then grind away until I get the inside down to a clean metal look then fill it with wood and newspaper and set it on fire. They make smokers out of these things so I can't see not being able to make a roaster out of one.

I will post up the next round of pics once I get the tank ready for install. Or I will post up a "V11" update if this fails.

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