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CBR101 sensors

Tried a lot to find this info before starting a new thread, but no outcome...
Anyone knows what type are the Gene sensors ?
Measured them and don't show low resistance as a thermocouple but something in the 236 Ohms ballpark, at 25 C ambient.
Could this be a Pt sensor ?

Thank you for any hint !
Parts list might give you your answer https://genecafeusa.com/collections/g...cafe-parts
Nothing useful, been there...

"Replacement outlet/inlet temperature sensor for the Gene Cafe CBR-101."
This thread suggests RTD https://coffeesnobs.com.au/roasters/1...fully.html
Also See this thread ("the one in the GC is a negative coefficient thermistor with a room temp resistance of about 1Megohm") https://coffeesnobs.com.au/roasters/3...ogger.html
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Yep, RTD, with negative temperature coefficient.
The previous measurement was faulty, they are in the 250K ballpark at ambient temperature and go down to 30-50k when a 300 C hot gun is aiming the heater assembly.
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