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01/04/2019 10:55 AM
2 years today...Miss you Ginny!

01/04/2019 4:24 AM
A little shout for the G'ster. 2 yrs. roar

12/27/2018 5:14 AM
Hi Brandon, please disregard the "please update". I think we're all up to speed now. The need for cache clearing get's me every time! limb

12/26/2018 11:36 AM
Update? pouring Merry Christmas back atcha

12/26/2018 3:07 AM
Merry Christmas Brandon. Please update soon! christmas tree

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SR500 Cheat Sheet
SR500 Cheat Sheet .zip file attached for better viewing as .XLS

Fan Time Temp Notes
3 15 sec Low Let machine warm up
3 15 sec Low Add beans and stir with chop-stick
7 30 sec Low Apply the Chaff Collector
5 30 sec Low
7 60 sec MED
5 30 sec MED
7 30 sec MED Add time (don't run out of time!)
3 15 sec MED
5 15 sec MED FC Outlier?
7 15 sec MED FC Outlier?
0 15 sec MED FC Outlier?
5 15 sec HIGH FC?
7 15 sec HIGH FC
0 15 sec HIGH FC+
5 15 sec HIGH FC++
9 10 sec HIGH FC+++
0 10 sec HIGH
5 10 sec HIGH
0 10 sec HIGH 2C Outlier?
7 10 sec HIGH 2C ? Move from 0 fan to 7 until 2C+

Notes: I find it important to let the machine get pretty darn hot before putting the beans in, stir them a bit, and then put on the chaff collector. Follow the recipe realizing Outlier FC may occur here or there and your FC may really occur before or somewhere in my notes. At the end move fan from 0 to 7 to 0 etc every 10 seconds or so as 2C Approaches or as 2C is happening. Slight variations in this guide due to particular bean will occur, however I have had good results with this roasting different beans.
8675309 attached the following file: [8kB / 11 Downloads]
Definitely improved my sr500 roast!
Thank youThumbsUp
JitterzZ wrote:

Definitely improved my sr500 roast!
Thank youThumbsUp


I produced some Nicaragua last week that was to die for. The wife ( a non-believer ) ran out of her coffee and was forced to have some - she said and I quote: "It was the best cup I've had in my life". I ran another batch today ( excellent as well ) and I also ran a batch of Guatemalan that turned out nice.

You may see 1C and 2C at different spots.. I ran each of them 7 seconds into 2C.

Can't wait to go to sleep tonight so I can have more ( and more and more ) tomorrow.
It's bad luck to be superstitious
Yes, I'm just getting started in my roasting adventure, and FINALLY getting some tasty coffee from my SR500 has definitely motivated me. Three roasts with your Profile: Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Organic Bolivia. ALL were tasty!
Prior to using your profile, all that I would do is run low heat high fan for Three minutes, then drop the fan to low and put the heat on cool and stir for 30 seconds, then go back to full fan and high heat for another minute, then drop to 3 on the fan till 1C, then go to 5 on the fan to finish out 1C and let it go till first sound of 2C, then cool on full fan. I got some strange flavors doing that and I almost gave up on it. Now I have something to keep me at it.
I'm planning on building something like this pretty soon ( https://forum.hom...post_40357 ). I already have the exact same VC motor. First profile I will run on it will be yours. Thanks a bunchgood post
Edited by JitterzZ on 01/19/2019 4:38 AM
Took me about 6 months to dial this in. Almost gave up but this scheme works well with everything I've tried. Big issue with that machine is the stupid timer, if it runs low then it goes to Auto Cool and kills your roast so always remember to add time.

I also always cook into 2C, ignoring the outliers and once I get a good 4-5 seconds of steady 2C then I cool. I then dump the beans onto a pizza pan that has spent a good 30 seconds in the fridge... wait another few minutes and bag-n-seal...

Just ordered some more Nicaragua Selva Negra Cataui Honey from Burmans, it turns out well. Peaberrys are interesting and usually very very good.

After a few try's I find Costa Rica beans to be very forgiving and a great bean to start with but boring.
It's bad luck to be superstitious
Yeah, that timer got me the first time I did your roast, but I quickly recovered it and the roast turned out good. I'm just getting into this roasting business so I'm not familiar with what beans I should be buying. I've mostly just roasted the free coffee that came with my popper that I started out with from Sweet emms, and the free stuff that came with the Behmor Roaster that my Wife got me for Christmas. I tried the Behmor a few times and it's just not the way that I want to roast. After the full manual experience of the popper and now the sr500, It's full-manual Fluid bed roasting for me forever. Even the blah blah roasts from the popper ruined my ability to drink anything less than fresh roasted. Ultimately I plan on building some of the larger Fluid Bed roasters found in this forum. Thanks for all of the tips. Good stuff!coffee drink
For variety try Coffee Bean Corral - nice website good beans, I like the Columbia and Nicaragua's and Guatemala's .. Burman too - they have good stuff... both offer excellent service too.

If you order from Burman upon checkout you can buy a 1/2 pound sample for $1.99 I think, try out a Peaberry - I've ordered them by mistake and have been real happy with them.

I've bought some expensive Hawaii beans and had mixed results, the first batch was to die for but subsequent batches not so much. Hmmm, I think I may retry them with my new method...

Whatever the result - it's fun as hell and the reward is worth the trouble, and I concur fresh-roasted beans ( unless you mess it up ) is 100 times better than anything store-bought.
It's bad luck to be superstitious
Much appreciatedcoolThumbsUpBBQ grill
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