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09/18/2019 4:09 AM
JavaBob ... You will get more response if you post a question on the forum rather than the shoutbox.

09/17/2019 5:50 AM
check out the Hive Roaster!

09/16/2019 4:03 PM
Has anyone used a Leister hot air blower to roast coffee and if so, which model did you use? What was your experience like?

09/16/2019 3:53 PM
Source for customable borosilicate glass cylinders for use as a roasting chamber?

09/06/2019 7:25 AM
how to make medium raw colored beans to dark ?

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5+lb Gas Fluid Bed Roaster TC4-> Artisan Issue
The low down:

My goal is to build a 5+lb fluid bed roaster, and control the roaster with an Arduino/TC4/Artisan. The shell and roast chamber will be complete with a little tweaking... On the first trial run the blower blew five pounds of green beans out of the top of the roast chamber.

The TC4 has aArtisanQ_PID_6_6 loaded and reporting temperatures back to Artisan. I can theoretically modulate a 0-10V proportional valve (Clippard) with a cheap $10 PWM to 0-10V driver board off of amazon. The driver board outputs 0V to 10V when I manipulate the PWM (valve still in the mail).

The roaster design has several safeties, low airflow, low/high gas pressure... and will eventually have flame detection (flame rod/ or temp anticipation w/software).

I am trying to get Artisan to control OT1 (Heater) via a slider, and the LED on the TC4 does not light up. I am currently able to manipulate OT1 through manually controlling the set variable (SV).

What are few settings I should check in Artisan to make sure they are correct? Artisan is clearly sending and receiving commands, just not OT1. Is OT1 a read and write object?

I attached several clippings to show my configurations.

All help is appreciated!


makrsnak attached the following images:
control.png config-events-sliders.png config-device-extra_devices.png config-device-bt_et.png

Custom 5-8lb Gas Air Roaster (In Progress)
This is the list of available serial commands:

OT1 is a set only object, you can't query later if you forget the level.
However, being an open source project, is easy to add GET commands, but not for Artisan, which use only the standard commands.
In this moment Artisan does not acknowledge a serial command execution, afaik.

Alternatively, even for current build, a trick could help you: issue an OT1;UP/DOWN command, and parse the ack message "# OT1 level set to ..." Then issue the command to bring back the level to previous value.
Again, this last trick can be used only if you have a custom app placed between Artisan and TC4, to fork the serial stream to your own add-on.
Already did such protocol capture app, as well software TC4 simulators for other non-TC4 hardware platforms, so I can help you if you want approach this path.
Thanks renatoa!

At this time I think it would probably be easier to add a potentiometer as a voltage divider for manually verifying valve control output.

Custom 5-8lb Gas Air Roaster (In Progress)
In your screenshot you have the slider command wrong. It needs to be OT1;{}. You have O1T;{}.

Which output are you going to connect the valve driver to? OT1 output doesn't do fast pwm without some code tweaks.

Which CONFIG mode did you choose in the user.h file?
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