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hello from rural St. Louis
Hi all,

I'm new to the coffee world and decided to jump in with both feet. I'm one of those kinda guys. I got tired of paying $5-7 a pop on my way to work so I got a used Saeco magic cappuccino machine from FB marketplace, a non-pressurized portafilter for it and a Gaggia MDF.

Now that I can pull a "somewhat good" shot, I want to take it a step further. I like to tinker and have been playing with my CAD program trying to draw up a plan for a roaster. Think I will use the gas grill that is just sitting there and make this 20qt stockpot into a drum roaster. I'm sure I will have tons of questions so please be patient with me.

I love to learn new things and there is no better resources than a group of seasoned experts as well as newer folks trying new things. Hope to learn a lot on here

Welcome to HRO! I saw your thread outlining your project. I'm sure someone will jump in to help who has BBQ roaster experience and help you out with the vanes questions as well.

Good to have you on board and have fun!
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Welcome Kelly! Looking forward to the build and helping in any way I can.

One quick comment - I know the MDF isn't exactly considered a high level grinder but I used one for a lot of years after being converted to stepless and despite being slow it's a solid grinder.

Hope we can help!
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