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HELP with Excess Chafe
Trying to figure out a slight problem I'm having with too much Chafe staying on the bean after roasting. I am roasting with Gene Cafe Roaster. I take my roast through first Crack but not into second crack and cool immeadiately in a bucket vacuum cooler. I do collect a lot of Chafe in the machines collector, but notice when I grind the coffee there is a lot of chafe in my grind. Not sure if it's a problem since I use a filter for pour over. After roasting the chafe is stays in the middle crack of the bean itself. I look at professional roasts and their beans are clean of any chafe. If anyone can explain this or help in this process I would certainly appreciate in educating myself to something I may be doing improperly.....Thanks
I think most "professional" roasts are pushed into SC, where chaff is burnt, not cleaned.
Any light to medium roast should exhibit chaff in the crack, at least for the washed processing.
Other than stirring by hand in a colander and dumping and re-stirring that's about as good as it gets. I find that the grisly remains that end up being ground don't affect the final product and wouldn't worry about it too much.
Randy G
In commercial roasters the batches are much larger (by a factor of 100 times and more) and the cooling system is far more vigorous. The added mass and agitation helps rid the beans of the chaff. I suggest stirring vigorously during cooling. After cooling I put the beans in the perforated section of a pasta pot and use my hands to beat the beans up a bit and, for lack of a better description, squeeze handfuls letting the gun out of my had the loosening the chaff.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Thank you all that replied. I will definitely put in effect the recommendations that where given.
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