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10/18/2019 2:37 PM
Eth Nat Yirg Idido roasted yesterday. I dropped some off at a friends coffee shop. In a few days he will brew it and tell me what he thinks. We believe my roasts are better than what we buy.

10/16/2019 2:52 PM
Thank you for all you guys do.

10/15/2019 2:02 AM
They seem to be after the shoutbox. They have been removed. I don't see anything in the forums.

10/14/2019 3:27 PM
We have been hacked. A whole lot of posts that have filled up the whole forum.

10/10/2019 4:49 AM
Honduras Royal Reserve today.

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Heat, Beans, and Temperature
While schooling Junior on proper meat preparation I always hammer the three ingredients to a perfect cook are: Heat, Meat, and Temperature... and I always produce nice stuff on the Kamado Grill with good quality Lump Coal.

The same applies to beans -
So I have a Redi-Chek digital device I use for grilling, one probe for the grill temp the other inserted into the meat and presto - I get good results.

The device would slip into the roasting chamber of the FreshRoast no problem and would return to me accurate internal temperature of the chamber and contents.

So... with that in mind... and with the pro's on the board:
What is the ideal 'charge' temp to start off with.
How long should I leave the beans at a particular temp prior to and/or approaching first crack.
What should the temp be after first crack (and for how long) as it approaches second crack.

I understand that per-bean-type the variation will vary a bit, but in general, think a general Columbian bean, what would you guys suggest... you can't get an 'Internal Bean' temp, so how would you guys play it?
Check this thread:

Thanks - excellent info just what i'm looking for.
I use an air roaster that functions similarly to your FreshRoast 500. I start off at ambient without any preheat or following one roast with another after cooling in the RC fan running with no heat. I have a thermocouple positioned near the side of the RC out of the main central air stream. For a typical profile to be used in espresso where I go to 2nd crack, I would hit first crack about 390°F at around 8 minutes and 2nd crack at around 425 - 430°F at around 12 - 13 minutes, then shut off heat and continue the blower for cooling in the roaster.
So many beans; so little time....
I used my RediCheck digital therm and tracked the temp in the chamber, adjusting from Low to Cool to try to maintain a low 300-325 as long as I could - upwards of 5.5-6 minutes before allowing FC. Then after FC I tried to keep the temp around the 400 mark and move slower into 2C.

It's a bit difficult as this machine will roast your beans on a Low setting very quickly, heck you can send the beans into 2C in 4 minutes or less, which in my lowly opinion is much too fast and does not allow the natural flavors to develop.

I'm toying with it.

I can say that my crude method of roasting on the Grill with less control rendered excellent results about 60% of the time. With this FreshRoast I have yet to produce anything that good... it's either flat, or ash-burnt tasting. I usually bring my roasts to 2C and pull after 5-10 seconds into 2C... or I pull at the first notice of 2C.

At least my grill-method would produce coffee to die for about 60% of the time. If I could get that out of this FreshRoast I'd be a happy man.
I found a thread in a forum discussing how to get the best results from a FreshRoast I thought you might be interested in. They suggest that faster and hotter is the way to go.


Also links to pdf tip sheets for your roaster may be of help.


and here's another one....

Edited by ChicagoJohn on 09/22/2018 9:26 AM
So many beans; so little time....
Very helpful links John!

KKTO Roaster.
Spent a while reading the threads and threads within threads... LOL... good stuff. MY SR500 has a different ring at the bottom by the way, no lip so no beans get stuck still I stir with a wooden stick the first 30-45 seconds.

Going to try other types of techniques - at this point I wonder if $179 worth of beans with a 40-50% acceptance rate from my crude grill method would have been a better investment.. time will tell...
Good luck, and let us know how you make out.
So many beans; so little time....
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