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TC4 PCB's and chips available
Hi, Folks -

Long time, no here.

First, apologies for disappearing and leaving so many inquiries "unresponded to." Since I retired completely a few years back from my day job I have been much busier than I expected. Spending time in the basement hunched over tiny PCB's has just not floated to the top of the pond Grin

Long story short, after dragging my feet for another year, it has finally sunk in to me that I am never going to want to return to manufacturing TC4 systems in my basement.

I have quite an inventory here of blank PCB's for the boards, as well as the chips needed for a bunch of boards. If there is anyone who would like to take possession of them, I am quite happy to work something out. I would like to recover at least some of my costs in the PCB's and chips.

I also have all of the needed paste soldering stencils, a reflow solder oven, and many other items that I used to build the boards. These are all available.

If you are interested in having any of this stuff, please contact me via PM here on HRO.

There are no "rights" involved, BTW, because the TC4 is and always has been an open source project through CC-BY-SA.

Jim, glad to know you are still kicking, most had gotten worried about you.
As for the boards, I would think a couple of people on here would be very interested in your offer. While I had me some made for my personal use, I'm like you, fully retired and not interested in getting that deeply involved.
Glad you are well and doing OK.
Yep, I was concerned, and I understand what you mean about just not wanting to do it any more. Nice offer, for someone.
Hey Jim! Glad to hear you're going well!

As Ben mentioned, a few here have been making their own TC4 and variations.

I also dove in head first and have been making pre built TC4 and ZCD available on Tindie.

Anyway I hope you can still find time to pop into the forum on occasions.
JimG, hope you are enjoying your retirement! Thanks for your years of hard work and contribution to the home-roasting community! Hope you enjoyed the ride!
Randy G
I will join in and add that I am glad to hear you are doing well and can commiserate that, now that I am fairly much retired, have felt too busy to get much added to my website. I am also glad I am retired in so much as I would be tempted to take over the build, but at 66 the eyes, neck and hands are not as well suited for the fine work of building the boards as they once were.

Anyway, I did enjoy the work we did together, and wish you the best on your retirement.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Oh, happy to hear you've just been busy enjoying life! I think I might have been one of the last, if not the last, person to receive a TC4 from you about a year ago. I've made my own boards available a few months ago, which are inspired by the TC4, but with some extras.

I could potentially take your PCBs and chips, and offer the remaining stock of original TC4 in parallel. I'll PM you. I'll get in touch with you by PM. That said, if someone else wants to take them I'm happy for that too, can't hurt to have more than one source of boards in the community to ensure long-term availability.
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