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TC4 Shields Available
Hi All,

I have set up a Tindie store with the intent to make pre-built TC4 Shields and Zero Cross Detectors available again.


At this stage I only have one board tested and available, but hope to build and test more in the next few weeks. Note that shipping will be from Australia.

greencardigan attached the following images:
tc4-arduino-shield-v602_1.jpg tc4-arduino-shield-v602_3.jpg tc4-arduino-shield-v602_2_1.jpg
Great news! I am glad to see the TC4 continue.

KKTO Roaster.
This definitely is great news! I'm also glad to see the other TC4 style and other similar type roaster controller devices HRO members are offering these days. Lots of options!

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Just tried to order this on your tindie store, any idea when this will be available again?
I've just been away for a month but am back now and have the boards and parts ready to build more.

I'm planning to have some more built, tested and available within a week hopefully.
That is completely awesome! Thanks for being so responsive. I’m wanting to run a poppery 1 off of it and would need the zcd as well, if at all possible. I’ve been researching fluidbed builds all day and have been getting overwhelmed. I think I’ll definitely pursue that in the future in order to increase capacity, but thought I’d try to figure out roasting smaller batches first. Thanks for all your contributions to the community it seems like it’d be a ways behind without you.
No problems. Yes I will be building some ZCDs as well.
JSA Coffee
Are the install instructions still the same as the sticky post in this forum?
It should be. There's been code updates but the hardware is essentially the same. Was there anything in particular you were wondering about?
JSA Coffee
Just planning ahead. You shipped my shield today(or yesterday), so starting to look at what I have to do to get it up, like find a SSR, a housing for the Arduino, etc.
JSA Coffee
I must be missing something. I followed the guide, but I am getting the error discussed here http://code.googl...&can=1.

I found the information about the patch, but will be damned if I can figure out how to apply it. Is it manually, or is there an updated thermocouple library somewhere?
You shouldn't need to install any patches. Can you point out which guide you are following.

What sketches are you trying to load?

Where did you get them from?

Did you also install the library files?

I recommend using the code release here. https://github.co...ID_6_6.zip
JSA Coffee
Sure, I used this guide https://forum.hom...ad_id=3564

The libraries are the ones that this guide recommended.
The process in the Artisan guide is still the same, but all the software versions have progressed.

Just check that you have the latest version of Arduino and then use the libraries and sketch from the github link in my previous post.

You should replace all the libraries with the new ones, as I don't know which ones have changed.

Maybe start a separate thread if youre still stuck.
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