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Loading aArtisanQ_PID in Arduino
Hi, I need details or steps for how to load aArtisanQ_PID into Arduino UNO. I have aArtisanQ_PID_6_3 folder which include "aArtisanQ_PID.ino" and other files inside the the subfolder " Libraries".
I tried to load "aArtisanQ_PID.ino" into Arduino but it shows error as attached image. if I success to do that then I will attach TC4 to Arduino.

Thank you
Husamka attached the following images:
screen_shot_2018-04-09_at_21923_pm.png screen_shot_2018-04-10_at_74518_pm.png screen_shot_2018-04-09_at_44108_pm.png

Edited by Husamka on 04-13-2018 17:24

I think your libraries are in the wrong location. Should be here. Copy the folders within the Artisan Libraries into the Arduino libraries folder alongside any other libraries that are already in there.

I think part of your error message is being hidden. Try expanding the bottom section up so we can see the full error.

Also, don't forget to go through the user.h file to check all the setting and options before loading onto your arduino.
greencardigan attached the following image:
greencardigan, Thank you for help.
I received TC4 and ZCD from Viliam and the LCDapter 20x4 still in the way. Also I have Relay CWD2425, POT 10K and Jumper Wires. others are in the way.

So initially I am trying to load the aArtisanQ_PID into Arduino UNO. I just connect Arduino to the USB cable without TC4 but as I mentioned the error message appeared.

I downloaded Arduino IDE and the zip file which contain only one file as below. there is no libraries folder. I noticed you have files which is not in my aArtisanQ_PID folders.
If possible you email me "aArtisanQ_PID" full with all required files. so I can do the copy which you mentioned.
I didn't connect Arduino to TC4 and to other hardwares. can you explain which amendment shall I do to file "user.h" for this stage. or any other suggestion you may have for me.
Husamka attached the following images:
screen_shot_2018-04-14_at_114444_am.png screen_shot_2018-04-14_at_113121_am.png
there are 3 possible ways to upload aArtisanQ_PID to Arduino.

1. The method, official, as described by Brad in the previous post, is a way that JackH describes in ArduinoTC4ArtisanSetup_Doc in:
The directory libraries is in Windows here: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Arduino \ libraries
copy directories including embedded files from the aArtisanQ_PID_6_3 libraries to this directory.
I do not use this method, I do not have the libraries installed in this location.

2.the way is similar to what I described in the post for
I use this method, I do not have libraries installed according to method 1.
But to the C: \ Users \ xxxxx \ Documents \ Arduino \ libraries \ TC4StdLibREL400 directory, I have moved all the files from the libraries directory and subdirectories (only files without directories).

3. Way totally simple, but primitive (but you do not have to have any libraries from aArtisanQ_PID according to previous methods), with mouse drag to window Arduino IDE all files from the directory and subdirectories in aArtisanQ_PID and its libraries. Then compile.

The problem is that in each of these cases you do not have to be instaled libraries to another location as described.
Viliam, Thank you for the informations and your efforts.

I am useing macOS , not Windows. just in case some of the files you sent is for Windows.

As you see in the attahced images that I did the steps as you mentioed, then I compiled. But I got error.
Husamka attached the following images:
screen_shot_2018-04-15_at_72413_pm.png screen_shot_2018-04-15_at_72241_pm_1.png

Edited by Husamka on 04-15-2018 18:38
... the files you sent ...

I did not send you a file, I sent you this link:

There you have all the files, also for MacOS.
It seems to me that the only thing you did is that you just unzipped the ZIP and clicked on aArtisanQ-PID.ino, nothing else as you got advice.
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