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What's the objective
ThomasCee, I will. I roasted 1/2 a pound of the Mexican High Grown this evening. I tried it right after the roast, which I have never done before, and it needs to rest. I'll report back in a couple of days.
ThomasCee, I roasted the Mexican High Grown beans. They were way too gassy right after the roast. I let them sit two days, and they still tasted gassy. I brewed them this morning, six days after roasting, and it is the best coffee I've had yet. I can finally taste the chocolatey/nutty/caramel type of flavor. I roasted them a little darker than I had planned; there is just a slight amount of oil on the beans.

Absolutely fantastic!
Suuuuper fun! I have not tried any beans from Mexico. I will have to get some of those. Interesting that it was 6 days till you liked the taste.
Nice deal.
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