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B-2K+ charge temp help etc.
I need help determining an appropriate charge temp. I am using the ET as the reference for the charge temp. I have a B-2K+ with the stock temp probes. I am using Artisan 1.2 for roasting. I have searched online and I find a very wide range of charge temps that people are using. My charge weight is 227grams. When trying charge temps above 400, I get a roast that just takes off with a dry awful tasting result. I have settled in on the following but would like any advice on the optimal charge temp: High beans charge 350F. Med elevation beans 335F. Low elevation beans or decaf 320F.

Also: do you drop you power from charge to TP and if so what too?

Also: my delta BT jumps around a lot. I am using the stock settings in Artisan as far a curve sampling and smoothing. Can someone recommend a better setting to smooth out the curve?

I am trying to use the recommendations in Rao’s book as far as enough charge temp, declining delta BT and 20-25% FC to roast end time.

So much to learn! Any advice is appreciated.
Not drop off completely, but about 30-40% is advisable until TP, depending on machine mass and thermal inertia.
On a small machine as HT you could even not having TP ever if no power at all, I mean continuous temperature drop and never increase.
Thanks! I have done a few more roasts and I have some observations but still some questions. I am now using the BT as my charge temperature reference since that is what artisan uses. I no longer drop the power from charge to TP. Dropping the power really lowers the initial ROR and tended to make it much harder to get that nice descending BT-ROR curve. I have been using BT charge temperature of 350F and run 100% power until about 5 degrees before 1C at which time I start a slow incremental decrease in power to try to avoid the crash and flick. The roasts have been getting better. Doing this the DE is at about 4:30, 1C is at 7 mins, 1C end is about 8:30 mins and the drop time is 9:30 mins.

My questions

What is a good or “best” temperature range BT for a charge with the Hottop. I have seen people charge “all over the place” searching online, but no definitive answer as to what is the best range?

Using this high charge method, my roast times are a little on the fast side. Are these roast times ok or should I do something such as drop the charge temperature or lower power during the roast to lengthen it.
I would lower power, 100% for almost of time and FC at 7 min is too fast, for my taste.
Try lower power at 50% until TP, not completely drop.
This will move TP some 10 degrees below the actual value and will push DE over 5 minutes, which is not bad.
Keep 100% until DE, then gradually decrease power after, to push FC into 9-10 minutes range, and drop to 12 minutes.
Some guideline would be to have an average of 15C during dry, 10C during yellow and 5C during brown.

Thia article, especially drawings, match the most of my experience, together with Schulmann theories.
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DIY: TO based IR to bean 800g
Moded commercial: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco, popcorn.
PID/ramp/soak controllers, MS6514 USB/Artisan/App
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Many thanks! That’s a great reference! Lots to learn. Anne Cooper’s article is a great guide.
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