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View Thread » ALL ABOUT ROASTERS » Heat Gun Roasting
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Flour sifter upgrades.
I had a thought a few weeks ago to add insulation to the roasting chamber of my sifter and a stainless steel funnel under attached to the heat gun to help mitigate cold drafts from mixing with the air supplied by the heat gun. The results are encouraging. I saw a more stable RoR in both my ET probe and BT. And a more even final roast that finished promptly with first crack at ten minutes.

I dropped my roasting temp on the heatgun to 650 for the slow start and 750 to finish. That's down from 750 and 950-1000 respectively. So I call it a win. Just wanted to post so everyone else could benefit as well!
Edited by Josh025 on 02-11-2018 14:25
An idea for your next restless tinkering session :) what about using a reversed turbo oven lid, with stripped down glass, instead hot gun ? ;)
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haha well i'm quite happy with how this works so far. I've been modding my g2 roaster the week before. I took the burrs and taped them together and used them to sand the burr holders flat. The alignment is just about perfect now for the burrs.
What happens with chaff in such machine ?
Nice setup Josh. It is looking like the Apollo command module!

KKTO Roaster.
Yes, nice setup indeed. Very even roast color throughout what I can see. Let us know how the roast performs in the cup.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
renatoa wrote:

What happens with chaff in such machine ?

The unit is fairly sealed and the chaff is taken up the flex pipe to waiting folgers tin. i usually spin the beans much faster than during roasting after the roast has finished and the heat gun is in the cooling phase. it allows the beans to stay in the warm chamber just a little longer but the higher speed of the sifter arms spins most of the chaff off the beans and up the pipe.
allenb wrote:

Yes, nice setup indeed. Very even roast color throughout what I can see. Let us know how the roast performs in the cup.


It's a Guatamala huehuetanango from Happy Mug. It's a great every day cup. the acidity is lower than other guatamala's i've tried and it's incredibly smooth in the cup. It has some chocolate notes as well as citrus. Finishes clean. I can't really complain about it for the price.
UPDATE: Added a small stainless steel bowl to the top of my funnel. Drilled some 3/16 holes in it to act as a heat diffuser, and bonus! The bowl seals off the bottom of my roaster. No more ambient air entering the chamber unless it's by design. That's a natural yirgacheffe test batch from earlier. Just need to iron out my rate of rise. Too many flicks and crashes.
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