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View Thread » BUILDING A ROASTER » Drum Roasters
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Brilliant guy from Malaysia's 800 gr. build
On Facebook, a guy from Malaysia (ChingThye Gan) posted this video:

It uses an Ikea colander for the roasting drum and in the video I believe he is roasting 800 grams of green beans. I'm really impressed with this design.

I took some screenshots of the video and marked them up with questions, labels, and guesses, which you can see HERE: cool

These screenshots focus on the build of the roaster itself (while the video is focused on the laptop screen/Artisan for a good chunk of the time.

I'd like this thread to discuss some possible improvements and also sourcing parts for this design. I'll get things started.

I like a LOT about this build, but there are a few problems:
1) The galvanized bucket for the roasting chamber has to be a No-No (danger of zinc fumes).
2) sucking out the hot exhaust gases into the chaff collector/exhaust could be improved upon by allowing the mixing of ambient air to cool the exhaust before it gets to the chaff collector.
3) the exhaust/chimney path could be improved with fewer bends and always going upward (rather than downward)
4) since the blower on the chaff collector/exhaust system is PULLING air from the roast chamber, the temp in the roast chamber is going to be the result of the combination between the gas burner (in) and the speed/volume of the exhaust air draw (out). This is not a problem, but some tweaking of those settings will probably be necessary. I believe the chaff collector blower (120V) could be wired to a dimmer switch for adjustability.
5) if you use a brush gear motor, you can get a higher RPM than necessary and dial it down with a router speed controller (or similar) to your desired RPM. Shown in the video.
6) He does not use high temp bearings, but I believe that I would. Using a 1/2" stainless steel threaded rod for the drum shaft, I found some high temp flange bearings with a 1/2" bore for $19 ea. I think that is a worthwhile investment.

I'm hoping to build this before spring (moving to a new house in January, so can only accumulate parts between now and then). I'm hoping to get to a 2 lb. roasting capacity.

Thoughts on any/all of the above? Additional points?
Forgot one other thing. would like to figure out how to make a trier and incorporate that into the design.
He has a thread on his own, check for Ikea in titles, or the new/active threads from last week.

He is using a dimmer for chaff exhaust, check at 00:44.
Oh, good. I'll see if I can find it. This board has the worst navigation options I have ever seen.
Ikea inspired roaster build.
Backwoods Roaster
"I wish I could taste as well as I wish I could roast."
pixelsmithy wrote:

This board has the worst navigation options I have ever seen.

There is Search and the Active Forums page under Navigation on the left side of the main page.

KKTO Roaster.
Koffee Kosmo
pixelsmithy wrote:

Oh, good. I'll see if I can find it. This board has the worst navigation options I have ever seen.

The moderators have debated at length and have come up with a brilliant FORUM INDEX section
Due to the many ways Coffee is
1) Grown and processed
2) Roasting methods used - be it commercial or DIY
3) Brewing styles & methods - and there are many more than people think
4) Roasters inventive or otherwise submitted by members

So I urge members to visit the Forum Index first and locate the best section of interest first

My web site > I home roast and I like it :P
Blog -
Bezzera Strega: BNZ MD74 Grinder: 5 Box hand grinders: Pullman Tamper Convex: (KKTO) Turbo Oven Home Roaster: CONA Glass Rod Syphon: Pyrex Brewer:
Don't worry guys, both hints I gave him were enough to led him to the other thread in some clicks...
- search Ikea in titles only, is that really a challenge ?
- looking into Active Forums page... the thread can be seen there in a blink even now after one week, checked as I type...
- third method, found as typing this message, Newest Threads section, left side of every page... Ikea still can be seen there.
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