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Seattle Pete
Hello roasters.

I’m Pete from Seattle. Every time I google home roast this forum comes up very often. So I thought finally joining would be wise.

Currently, for gear, I roast by hand over the stove. It teaches me the basics by using my senses. I’ve been roasting this way for a little bit to see if I like roasting. Well, I’m hooked like I was with home brewing beer. I’ve drastically cut back on drinking so moving to coffee roasting seemed like the logical step.

That said, for a very novice roaster I’ve been using the hand held clay pot, Nuvo from Korea (yes, that’s how much of a green bean am I). I started with the popcorn maker route but very dissatisfied with results from my techniques. Pretty soon I’ll upgrade to a Freash Roast SR700 for experience with fluid bed roasting and also an all hand cranked stovetop drum roaster, the Kaldi mini. Right now I’m keeping it simple until the next phase. Right now I’m about 2 months into this craft.

Since I really am very new to all of this I’m roasting a couple favorite single origins from Asia. Specifically Sumatra and Papua New Ginea this is because I was use to a “big name” roasting company in my city. I took it for granted and just “enjoyed” the brew thinking that’s what coffee should be like. How very wrong I was. So I’m here to really learn and roast my favorite coffees and to broadening my tastes.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to better myself with the help from this forum.

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Welcome Pete!

Hand roasting is one of the best ways to learn and see the whole process. You are doing the right thing starting out this way. Then you can get into the big toys later.BBQ grill

KKTO Roaster.
Seattle Pete
Thank you. It’s great to be here to browse and learn.
Enjoy from another rookie
Always learning
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