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Another Bake a Round Fluid Bed roaster
Hi Guys,

Here is the Imgur link to my Fluid Bed roaster Build:

I am using two Harbor Freight 1600W heat guns tied to the cocktail shaker through a twin tip Exhaust pipe. The Temperature probe is in the bottom of the cocktail shaker and sits about 1.5 inches above the perforation plate. The blower Is just my Shop vac set to blow. I am currently only controlling the temperature by changing the airflow via a router control. I have an extra air release valve in case I need to get less airflow than the controller allows. I am able to get good bean action with a bean load of 1lb. Here are my questions/problems so far:

1. Noise. This thing is noisy! So far both roasts that I have done I am not able to make out the sound of first crack. I have extended the air hose to allow me to move the blower far away from the unit and even put it behind my BBQ island but it is still very loud. It's not even the noise from the blower. There is a very high pitched whistle of air flowing through the hose and the RC. Does anyone have any tips to reduce the noise? Notice that my air hose is sort of "corrugated". Maybe a smooth inner hose surface would help? Everything I have read says to expect first crack somewhere near 400f. My first roast of a Brazil Serrinha went all the way to 440f before I heard even the faintest of pops, maybe I missed 1C and I was hearing 2C?

2. Data Logging. So far I am just logging the temps manually. I am using my Thermoworks "Smoke" Temperature gauge with the oven Thermocouple installed. I also am using an app on my phone called "Coffee roaster Pro" to manually enter the temperatures as the roast rolls along. The heat guns are running full blast and I am just controlling the temperature by manually dialing down the airspeed. What would be the best way to record my temps and also control the blower if not manually?
Edited by allenb on 11-10-2017 13:17
If would replace your Thermoworks unit by a Mastech MS5614, you could be able to use TC4 app developed by greencardigan, soon will be released a new version for this device.
If the blower can be controlled by a dimmer, the app will have this feature too, hope by end of the year.
DIY: TO based IR to bean 800g
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PID/ramp/soak controllers, MS6514 USB/Artisan/Apps/popC/ESP32
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I like the use of the exhaust splitter! I've been looking at them too as I've been considering another double heat gun build.

Could you put the shop vacant in an enclosure? Or find another vacuum blower?
Big welcome to HRO!

On the whistling noise, there's not enough air velocity to be caused by the corrugated tubing. Most likely an air leak in one of the connections and air noise at those frequencies can be hard to pin down where it's coming from. One method is to use the soapy water bubble leak test. While its running, brush the soapy (lots of dish detergent in cup of water) over the joints and any leaks will bubble.

I agree with Brad on using an enclosure to keep noise down. How much noise is coming from the two heatgun blowers?

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Thanks guys for all of the replies.

I went ahead and changed out the air hose for another type hose that had a smooth interior. The whistle is now gone. The blower is still loud so I will plan to make some sort of enclosure for it. Those heat guns do have an internal built-in squirrel fan. Since I was already pushing air through the heat guns I removed the fan and motors inside the heat guns. I was afraid leaving them in could cause air restrictions. I originally was going to put the heating elements inside the exhaust pipe but once I figured out how to push air through the heat gun itself I decided to leave them intact. That also let me use the heat guns themselves as a stand for the entire contraption.

Thank you for the idea of using the Mastech. So the Mastech connects with the TC4 and the TC4 will also control my blower speed? I browsed through the data logging forum and couldn't figure out how all the devices come together and what controls what. So my blower would plug into the TC4? I guess I need a "TC4 for Dummies". I will be ordering the Mastech regardless so I can monitor and record my temps more accurately.

Now it is all about experimenting with what this thing can do and working out my own profiles. After replacing the air hose I did another 1/2 lb load of the Brazil. I was able to hear a very faint 1C at around 410f. I was expecting 1C sooner than that though. Do some beans start 1C later than others or could it just be my temp probe and location?

Thanks again guys, this is starting to be fun and addicting!
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