November 23, 2017 05:01 PM


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Indoor Roasting
Hi, I'm new here and new to roasting. Been using the Poppery I and it's been great but now it's too cold outside for me to get it hot enough. I'm hoping to move indoors, build a chaff collector, and somehow vent the smoke out the window maybe.

1) I'm thinking of using some sort of mesh screen on my chaff collector, any tips as to what type of screening material works best?

2) I'm thinking of using some aluminum venting and maybe a window fan to vent the smoke outside. Anyone tried this or something similar before?

Any pictures of your setups would be great! I've been perusing the forum in hope of finding something, but a lot of the solutions I've found won't work where I'm living currently.

Hi Peter, I've tried to use some ducting and a small fan to vent the exhaust before. One problem is that it's hot, of course, so you have to have a fan that will withstand that. I used a chaff collector I made out of two food cans. One fit inside the other and the smaller one fit into the popper opening. I cut slots around the sides and made a donut shape out of a copper scouring pad unraveled and put that so it would act as a filter at the top of the smaller can in between the space between it and the outer can.

The chaff collector worked pretty well but some small chaff would get through. And there were also the vapors that would tend to condense on colder areas like the fan. I only experimented with that for a while and decided not to take the next step of making a fitted hole to put in the window opening.

My answer to the cold weather was to do a large amount of roasting before it gets too cold and after a day or two of letting it stand, I put it in 2 lb quantities in foodsaver vacuum seal bags and then in a deep freeze. I take it out and let it stand for 24 hours before opening to prevent condensation, but I've had it 5 - 6 months after making it and I can't tell any difference at all.

I have a larger air roaster now that I do 340 gm charges in, but my use has increased way more too. I just finished making 24 lb of finished roast for me and 15 for my wife who likes espresso, and all of that is now in the freezer vacuum sealed and we'll use it through March.

Let us know what you come up with as a way to deal with this issue.
So many beans; so little time....
You could switch roasters for cold weather. I'm using a Whirley Pop and if I don't peek inside very little smoke escapes. 8 oz max. I dump the beans outside.
Always learning
Thanks for the replies! ChicagoJohn I actually did try out your chaff collector last week and it worked really well except that the scouring pad didn't catch everything, like you said. I'll keep trying out different filters and see what works. Also, I hadn't thought about the fact that the fan would have to withstand very hot air, thanks for the heads up.

mkane, good to know, I might have to resort to that if nothing else works.
New at using Poppery ii and want to contain the chaff somewhat. What about aiming the outlet into a plastic container that has water in the bottom? Sort of like an indoor electric dryer vent setup? Thanks! Felkers
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