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HC-06, TC4 setup
Questions to folks using HC-06. I bought one and trying to install it with my Arduino board and TC4, however, I cannot talk to it, even after installing the drivers. The windows system installs two serial ports. Could you help?
Check the baud rate you are using in the TC4 sketch. Most HC-06 that I've seen come set to 9600 or 19200.

It shouldn't need any drivers. Connect and Pair using Windows and enter HC-06 pin number if needed. Usually 1234 or 0000. Once paired in Windows, you should be able to select it as a serial port in Artisan.

TX pin on HC-06 goes to RX on Arduino. And you probably won't be able to use the USB connection while you have the bluetooth module connected as the USB also uses the same serial pins.

Also, some HC06 may require 3.3V and therefore some additional circuitry between the Arduino and HC-06. I use a cheap resister divider board from ebay.
Edited by greencardigan on 10-23-2017 18:04
I tried all baud rates and the voltage divider, however, I could not get it to work with the Arduino board. I gave up on it for now, I'll focus on the automation aspect of my BC roaster, similar to what slickrock did, I will be using the clippard proportional valve and the associated controller and I will drive it of IO3 using PWM. I ordered the parts and I should everything ready in a couple of weeks.
Happy to report that the issue was solved, it was caused by baud rate conflicts. In the user.h I had the baud rate set at 115200 while the HC-06 had a default baud rate of 9600. I changed the baud rate in the user.h file, assembled the code and uploaded it to the Arduino board (this was done via the USB cable). Once the Arduino serial port baud rate was set to 9600, everything worked. I didn't need to use a voltage divider on the RX pin.
I came cross another issue that relates to the TC4 and HC-06. I connected a couple of K-type thermocouples to input 1 and 2 and I was able to read the correct temps with the USB cable plugged in. I removed the USB cable and connected a power supply to the Arduino board, connected the HC-06 and tried reading the temps wirelessly. The readings come back wrong and fluctuating. The strange part is that I can change the baud rate in Artisan and I’m still able to read the temps, granted, incorrect temps.
Not sure how it could send/receive anything meaningful using the wrong baud rate. Fluctuating readings sounds more like a power, grounding or interference issue.

I find it easier to troubleshoot using the Arduino Serial Monitor. Try communicating wirelessly with the HC-06 by sending READ commands.
I agree. It appears it was a floating ground issues. As soon as I tied the TC4 GND to the roaster frame, I was able to read constant temperatures.
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