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Looking for TC4C board
Thanks, I had just found it myself, and changed it. They will now read in "F".
However, I realized that's just the bandaid. I have three of Jim's TC-4's so that makes using that bandaid not very practical. I will have to replace those A5 9800's with A0's. Good thing those are only about a $1.50 each.

Viliam, by the way, I got a better deal that you did from JLCPCB. I had them make 10 TC4-C boards that get delivered tomorrow. They charged me $20.54. Their $2 special price plus the shipping #18.54. I sent them an email and said that was still a good price, but it was kind of sneaky and underhanded. I got an email to day were they made an error and just refunded the full $20.54,
Thanks for the heads up Ben.

Viliam, your BOM has the A5 part listed. But the board sent to me seems to have the correct A0 part on it. The marking on my chip starts with LD which is the A0 part I understand based on the data sheet.
Yes, you are right,
I bought this piece:

this partlist (with: https://www.digik...-ND/665670) has got from me only You and Simon (sethyrish),
I have to warn Simon.
Edited by JackH on 03-30-2018 07:46
greencardigan wrote:
... the board sent to me seems to have the correct A0 part on it. ...

I have chosen the same first two letters as on TC4 from Jim.
Well, I just finished populating one of those 10 the TC4-C boards I had made and it looks promising. Still needs the LEDs installed and a power jack but just sitting here on the bench running RoastLogger, everything is working like it's supposed to.
Good luck Ben,
in addition to the TC4 board, it was necessary to make the ZCD and LCDapter 20x4.
They are already working in some countries of the world.
DHL is supposed to be delivering 10 display adapter boards Monday.
I did the same as you on the buttons. I made the board a little larger so you could use the 2004 LCD without covering up the buttons and LED.s and included mounting holes for both the 1602 and 2004. I also made it to piggy back on the TC4C I made. If things work out, my plan is to change everything over to the TC4C and do away with the Arduino R3 boards and the TC4 Shield's

I have plenty of ZCD's I made a long time ago, plus I'm working on a SSR board that has both SSR's and the ZCD built into one board.

Things are kinda slow working on that stuff for now, Weather has finally gotten to where I have a bunch of other projects to get done, like getting the garden planted, the wood fired oven finished and the bass boat running, plus bunches more.
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