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View Thread » DATALOGGERS - CONTROLLERS - RATE OF RISE METERS » Dataloggers/Controllers/Rate of Rise Meters
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Newbie Arduino/aArtisan_ PID_6_3
I'm new to this forum but very excited to come across. I'm starting on a journey to automate my BC roaster, and I just bought from a fellow forum member an Arduino board and TC-4 shield. I also read that another fellow forum member automated his North Roaster.
I'm taking baby steps, and I proceeded in downloading the latest aArtisan_PID 6.3 and the Arduino software and wanted to compile but received the following error.

"In file included from /Users/christianaurarad/Desktop/aArtisanQ_PID_6_3/aArtisanQ_PID/aArtisanQ_PID.ino:166:0:
sketch/cmndreader.h:43:22: fatal error: cmndproc.h: No such file or directory
#include <cmndproc.h>

I know that for most people this is a no-brainer, but I would appreciate the help.
Erm, that's a message that the file: cmndproc.h wasn't found in the place Arduino compiler was expecting to find it but I don't know where in Windows things are supposed to be. I thought all files were supposed to be located in a folder called 'sketchbook' , on my system I have a folder ...sketchbook/aArtisan that contains cmndreader.h, cmndreader.cpp as well as aArtisan.ino and four other files.
Maybe check the installation instructions for the TC4 software to see that you installed them in the proper place. You could also do a search ( Windows Key - f ?? ) for both aArtisan.ino and cmndreader.h to see where they got installed, they ought to be in the same folder.

At least it'll keep you busy until the experts stop by !
Hi and welcome!

cmndproc.h is one of the files in the libraries directory that should have been downloaded in the same zip file as aArtisanQ_PID.

You need to copy the folders in the downloaded libraries folder and put them into the main libraries folder for your Arduino software.

There's a doc available in our downloads section that may be helpful. It's a bit old now but shows what to do with the libraries. https://forum.hom...load_id=23

Once you get programming worked out, be sure to check in the user.h file (should be one of the tabs that opens inside Arduino when you open the sketch). There's options in there that will likely need changing or checking.
Many thanks, I think I missed downloading all the files, I will try again tonight.
Yeah, I got it to compile. One question, I get the following warning

n file included from sketch\cmndreader.h:52:0,

from C:\Users\Home\Desktop\aArtisanQ_PID_6_3\aArtisanQ_PID\aArtisanQ_PID.ino:153:

sketch\phase_ctrl.h:70:7: warning: extra tokens at end of #else directive

#else ifdef TRIAC_HEATER


In file included from sketch\cmndreader.h:52:0,

from sketch\cmndreader.cpp:40:

sketch\phase_ctrl.h:70:7: warning: extra tokens at end of #else directive

#else ifdef TRIAC_HEATER


In file included from sketch\phase_ctrl.cpp:44:0:

sketch\phase_ctrl.h:70:7: warning: extra tokens at end of #else directive

#else ifdef TRIAC_HEATER


sketch\phase_ctrl.cpp:84:7: warning: extra tokens at end of #else directive

#else ifdef FREQ50


sketch\phase_ctrl.cpp:201:8: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive


Is that normal?

I do see those warnings and don't think it causes any issues.

It's something to do with the compile directives and there is not supposed to be any arguments after the #endif or #else. But I don't really understand C++ enough to know if it's really an issue although I suspect not.
It seems to work fine. I compiled the program and attached a thermocouple to the input channel and correctly read the temperature. This is great.
As I have only one thermocouple now, I had to set the ET to either channel 1 or to the BT channel to get a reading out of the BT channel in Artisan.
I modified the following files as follows to fix the warnings
in the file: phase_ctrl.h

#else ifdef TRIAC_HEATER
to the following
#elif defined TRIAC_HEATER

in the file: phase_ctrl.cpp
#else ifdef FREQ50
to the following
#elif defined FREQ50

to the following

These changes fixed all the C++ warnings.
Thanks, that should do it.
Found one more in MemoryFree.cpp

#include "MemoryFree.h";

#include "MemoryFree.h"

basically removed the ";" which created compilation warnings.
Edited by ChrisR on 10-19-2017 18:41
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