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RIP Vac Motor (?) Help!
I was finished up a roast of an Indian Peaberry on Sunday and when I pulled the RC to dump into my bean cooler a few beans popped out and down my heat chamber tube onto my vac motor. I dumped the beans to cool and tried to turn the vac motor to full blast using my variac to blow the beans back out. It started to crank up to full then kind of wound down until eventually it wouldn't turn back on. I pulled it out today and blew a bunch of compressed air through it, checked all the wiring connections, and made sure it still spun freely.

No bean, no more dirt, strong connections, and spins freely. Plug it in to no avail... did my vac motor die on me? If it did, i totally forgot the specs I need to search for on eBay to get a new one so any help would be appreciated.

And yes, everything else on the same circuit is working so I know its not a receptacle issue. Cheers!
Is there a little red button on the motor somewhere ?
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Not that I could find or see. I actually just ended up ordering a replacement motor. An upgraded one I think - going from thru-flow to bypass.

Since I recirculate heat I'm hoping the bypass will withstand more roasts due to the higher temps it is exposed to. Now that I say all this, what do you guys think? I replaced an Ametek 2-stage thru-flow with another Ametek 2 stage bypass
Ametek Lamb Vacuum Blower Motor 120 Volts 116336-01
I'm glad you found a good replacement. The failure is likely a small inline thermal protector. They are normally strapped to the top of the field, perpendicular to the motor brushes. They're tedious to replace but doable. Replacement info is written on the side of the thermal, in the tiniest font humanly possible. Fair warning: they normally fail for a reason.
Cheers, Scott
Thanks Scott for the info - and reassurance that I made a good choice just swapping the whole motor out. It should be perfect timing when the new one arrives tomorrow - I need to roast again within the next day or two! No lost fresh roasted coffee at the house coffee drink
I am also looking for a motor that can handle the heat from a recirculation system. Is that Motor working out for you?
So far so good - i've put about 10 roasts on the new one with no issues at all.
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