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View Thread » BUILDING A ROASTER » Bread Machine Roasters
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Bread Maker - 1.5 lb
A new roaster is in the making with the purpose of increasing roast batch capacity.

My current air roaster can do around 250g roasted. My old larger air roaster could easily do 500g but it's been handed off to my bro. It also required 4500 Watt supply which I don't currently have.

So, I have picked up an old bread maker and a 2000W heat gun. I've had some success roasting with a bread maker in the past so thought I'd try it again.

I've modded the bread maker electronics and added a power switch for the motor. I'll also be modding the heat gun to separate the heater and fan. I plan to connect the fan to a separate DC power supply and the heater element to my TC4 controller.

The bread maker's tin is 16.5cm tall. My desired batch size is 680g (1.5lb) which is about 5.5cm deep leaving 11cm height for expansion and mixing. Hopefully that works.

Not sure yet if I'll run it with or without a lid during roasting. Depends how much mess the chaff makes maybe.
From memory it was the Breville 'big loaf' and when used with a lid of sorts some were getting a kg. I would wonder about the roast quality when pushed to that with only a heatgun for power?

There is some numbers here for drum roaster volumes to bean weights that might help as a guide. Memories of them being 4 or 5:1?
My name is Tim and I have a coffee equipment addiction problem :)

Two Hottops - modded
TJ 067 Electric 1kg 5+years old
Insert new 5-8kg Roaster here urgently BBQ grill
Yes, my old bread maker roaster was a Breville Big Loaf. I think I did up to 750 grams in it. I've been looking for for another one of them but they're not real common.
I've modded the heat gun to separate the fan from the heater.

I'll use a variable voltage laptop power supply to power the fan. The fan power supply is also connected to a relay which is switching the heater. The heater can only run when the fan is getting power.

Just got to 3D print a bracket to hold the heat gun on the bread maker and I'll be essentially ready to roast. Not much involved in making a bread maker roaster really.

It definitely wont be a pretty roaster but should be functional.
greencardigan attached the following images:
img_20170925_184046.jpg img_20170925_202651.jpg
My First roast was a bit of a failure. I hit first crack with too much momentum and ended up with some scorched beans with some tipping and an uneven roast. This was with a 500g green bean load.

After the initial roast I made a few changes.

- I've connected the bread maker's element back up and will use it to supplement the hot air gun with the aim to reduce the required air temp from the heat gun.

- Added a baffle under the heat gun entrance to spread the hot air and deflect it against the side of the pan. See photo.

- Preheated the bread maker prior to adding beans.

The second roast was much improved and I was following my profile nicely until a minute or so after first crack when the drive belt between the motor and paddle came off! The beans are lighter than my usual roasts but should be usable. On the upside, they seem much more evenly roasted than the first roast with no scorched beans.
greencardigan attached the following image:
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