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What temp to drop?
I've been roasting on my hottop and have been dropping beans (mostly Columbian) between 250-300. I'm curious about opinions on temps and when to drop.
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The range is too broad, 5 degrees can make a difference in taste, and this depends from every origin and crop, can't give an exact value.
You should read more about the first crack, development phase and various roast types with their temperature ranges.

Also, you could have an issue with temperature measurement, the range is not right either for Celsius or Fahrenheit system. For a light to city roast I drop between 200-210C, which is around 400F.
300F is 150C, end of dry phase, when start yellowing/browning.
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Randy wrote:

I've been roasting on my hottop and have been dropping beans (mostly Columbian) between 250-300. I'm curious about opinions on temps and when to drop.

That is within range for a hottop.

I roasted 2 lb yesterday and dropped 2 min into the roast timer which was 265 degrees on the BT probe.

This time/temp level was consistent across all 4 roasts.

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What you mean by dropping? Loading green beans ?
DIY: TurboOven with drum, Popcorn
Moded commercial: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Grinder: mod'ed Porlex to 47 conical burrs
Just taken delivery of a secondhand Hottop B but I have several hundred roast up on my ancient D model.

Very spikey (bad thermocouple) but this was a 150g Roast in a hottop B. 25% fan most of the way to FC and Beans were dropped 2 minutes after it started (giving me the higher drop Temp) dropping at 370-380F. With the stock D model (before I modded it) I used to do the same thing to shorten up the actual roast time to minimise the baked issue as it used to run 18-20 minute roasts otherwise.

This is done in part to replicate the roast profiles of my 1kg North and it also gets the turn done faster. The underlying faint curve was a 1000g batch of the same beans.

Using this method of running the empty roaster up in Temperature works fine on 250g Roasts too. The 250g roast curve below was prior to re routing the probe lead as the former owner had it going past the control board Shock

IMO if you go much higher than these sort of temperatures you run the risk of scorching, tipping etc.
beanflying attached the following images:
hottopitm150g.png hottopitm250g.png

Edited by beanflying on 07/24/2017 23:53
My name is Tim and I have a coffee equipment addiction problem :)

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Randy G
That temperature is more inline with the "charge" temperature (when the beans are added to the roast chamber to begin the roast), not the "drop" temperature (when the beans are discharged for cooling at the end of the roast.).

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
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