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View Thread » BUILDING A ROASTER » Fluidbed Roaster
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Questions – Building a 1lbs fluidbed roaster
Hi all,

I’m thinking about building a 1lbs fluidbed roaster and I want to gather as much information as possible before I start buying parts. I have no experience at all with building roasters so that would be my first one.

I started to brainstorm and here are a couple of questions/concerns that I’d like you to comment:

• It has to work on a 120V 30 amp circuit. That should be enough power to roast 1lbs of coffee right ?
• I want to be able to control the heat and the airflow during the roast
• I want to be able to add thermocouples to know what’s going on in the roaster
• I want the smoke to be evacuated via a duct
• I want a chaff collecting system integrated
• Basically I want a reduced model of the Artisan 2.5 ;)

Could you guys point me threads that would be worth reading to realise this project ?

Are there any parts lists on this website ? I’d be happy to find a thread with a part list and pictures of the building process.

Budget wise how much should I expect to spend to build such a roaster (approximately) ?

Anything else I should consider ?

*One pound will not roast on a 30 amp/120V electrical circuit, unless you recycle hot air escaping the roast chamber like my roaster the "Brewer to Roaster".
You can read all about it on this web-site: Building a Roaster/Fluid-bed Roaster/Brewer to Roaster.
*I use a standard temperature controller, in %Output mode (based on ambient temperature) to control a 1550 watt heat gun element. Also a variable-Auto-Transformer or router controller for the blower speed. Remember, the slower the air the hotter the air.
* One t-couple, located 1.5 inches below the perf plate is rthe only information I need to profile a roast.
* I have always roasted in the garage, so smoke is not a problem.
* I let the chaff collect at the top of the roast chamber during a roast, then vacuum it of after cooling (also in the roast chamber).
* Your limit will probably be 350 grams if you do not reclaim hot air.
* I highly suggest an all-glass roast chamber (you can watch the process).
* My roaster has been running fine, twice a week for over six years. I have had to replace one 120 mesh screen during that time, nothing else.
* I should have used 1200 watt heat gun elemenr, because I have never used more heat.
* I spent $500.00 and called in a couple of machine shop favors.
No oil on my beans...
Thanks for the reply oldgearhead!

I'll start by reading the 10 page long "Brewer to Roaster" thread.
• It has to work on a 120V 30 amp circuit. That should be enough power to roast 1lbs of coffee right ?

Yes, it will be enough power (you'll need somewhere between 2500-3000 watts).
But, you'll need a NEMA TT-30R 125 volt receptacle:


And to power it you'll need a 30 amp single pole breaker. BUT, you will have to connect the outlet to the breaker using 10 gauge wire. (Copper, not aluminum) to handle the amps.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
You can think to approach also a convection solution, look for turbo oven forum, much more energy friendly, I am roasting 500-750 grams with 1400 W only.
Also, easy to adapt as a hybrid gas/electric solution, simply by placing the oven pot on the stove.
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded commercial: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Grinder: mod'ed Porlex to 47 conical burrs
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