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Cleaning my roaster
So I have been enjoying my Hottop and it's time for a serious cleaning. The use of compressed air is recommended in several areas of the roaster so I went on Amazon to order some. I was surprised to find that every brand I looked at was not air but compressed gas and highly flammable gas at that. Now I will be using this on a cool roaster but do I need to worry about this. Secondly, they all seem to add a bitterant to prevent inhalation abuse. Will this affect the flavor of my roast? Has anyone found a compressed air can that is just air?
If at first you don't succeed...destroy all evidence that you tried - Steven Wright
Likely they are referencing compressed air from an air compressor. Here are some examples of smaller units:
Then you get one of these to fit on the air compressors hose so you can do what you want to blow stuff off things:;veh=sem
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Randy wrote:

So I have been enjoying my Hottop and it's time for a serious cleaning...

The Hottop is a fine home roaster; it is capable of yielding some of the finest coffees you will ever taste. However, the Hottop is plagued by a number of design flaws. These shortcomings cause the machine to become soiled with roasting debris, and encrusted with residue found in places that are not easily reached. The burden of dismantling the roaster for deep cleaning is not only unpleasant for owners, but leads to premature wear on the tiny screws and other delicate components.

These unpleasant tasks and dire consequences may be reduced substantially with a series of modifications that are not beyond the reach of most Hottop owners.

For example, here is a simple mod that reduces the buildup of debris on the front glass:
ciel-007 attached the following images:
2_10.jpg 1_12.jpg

Ciel... seeking Heaven in my cup with ................................................... EXPOBAR Brewtus II - MAZZER Mini E - MAHLKÖNIG Vario - GeneCafe - RAF-1 Extreme (Modified B-2 HOTTOP) - BellaTaiwan XJ-101
Here is an example of a more elaborate modification (Reversed Air Flow) that eliminates harmful deposits that buildup deep inside the bowels of the roaster:
ciel-007 attached the following images:
4_8.jpg 3_9.jpg

Ciel... seeking Heaven in my cup with ................................................... EXPOBAR Brewtus II - MAZZER Mini E - MAHLKÖNIG Vario - GeneCafe - RAF-1 Extreme (Modified B-2 HOTTOP) - BellaTaiwan XJ-101
You can use a crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove debris (chaff) from below the roasting drum with the chaff tray removed. Chaff collects on the flats on both side rails above the tray and below the drum.

I do this after every roasting session.

ONLY vacuum chaff with the roaster cold!!!!

After that, you need to remove the back and vacuum out the electronic and motor areas.

Back removal is a twice or three times a year maintenance so not that big of a deal.

You can get a bag of misc screws on the Hottop site should you round off some of the slots in them.
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Thanks for all the replies. I'm not one to do modifications unless it's a gourmet, I do have a crevice tool that came with a very powerful hand vac I got off of Amazon warehouse deals and it works well but I doubt it will get some of the chaff stuck in crevices. I did think about an air compressor but really don't want yet another bulky appliance taking up room. I may try a 50cc syringe and just blow air from that...I could attach a tube on the end of it to access smaller spaces...hmmm...
If at first you don't succeed...destroy all evidence that you tried - Steven Wright
Randy wrote:

Thanks for all the replies. I do have a crevice tool...

Randy, perhaps you might be interested in the vacuum crevice tool I designed for my Hottop (RAF-1) sometime ago. Its long tip allowed me to effectively remove all debris, deep inside the chaff tray cavity (and even the bottom of roasting chamber) without having to dismantle the front of the roaster.


Since the long tip is made from aluminum, it can be used to remove all debris as soon you have completed your final roast, when the Hottop is still very hot.
Ciel... seeking Heaven in my cup with ................................................... EXPOBAR Brewtus II - MAZZER Mini E - MAHLKÖNIG Vario - GeneCafe - RAF-1 Extreme (Modified B-2 HOTTOP) - BellaTaiwan XJ-101
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