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Lets talk hardware choice for automation with Artisan
Hi everyone,

I'm doing homework for what is needed to build a drum roaster with automation, using Artisan as the software.

My goal is to have it self contained rather than having a notebook computer connected every time I want to roast. Ideally I'd be incorporating a tablet into the unit as part of the build, 10" or as much as 15".

Currently I know I will have two or three thermocouples, some sort of interface for these, the Fuji PID (PXD?) with the self learn running the electric heating, most likely IR Halogen tubes, and if needed a variable speed blower, also controlled by Artisan if need be.

The bit I'm having a little trouble sorting is the layout needed, as in could I run a Tablet and a thermocouple interface and little else, or do i need a TC4 or similar controller with everything plugged into this?

It seems there are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak, and I'd like a few options, or what everyone might consider the perfect choice to configure the roaster as I'd like, as I don't want to be changing the build several times.

I've seen very little in the way of using Artisan on a Tablet, or that's how it seems???

So, what does everyone think, or what do they like using most, and what have you had trouble with?
Check the mobile roasting thread, you could have an answer, wifi roast controller ;)
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded commercial: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Might need some help, maybe things look different from the other hemisphere...

I've found a thread from 2013 with someone creating an App for their Android phone to let them remotely monitor whats going on.

I then got bogged down going through the 38 odd pages of 2010 thread about datalogging and mention of bluetooth monitoring.

But so far not found anything that sounds like the thread you are trying to point me towards, *waves hand* help please...

My bad, the thread title used handheld term instead mobile.
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded commercial: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Thanks heaps!

Not sure what I expected to find in the thread but it provided me with heaps more reading.

Would anyone like to comment on the following approach.

Arduino R3 UNO with inbuilt WiFi (A000133) and TC4 Shield, plus the usual zero crossing detector, SSR's and 3 or 4 Thermocouples.

The UNO should let me configure the WiFi to connect directly, with no need to use my home network. I gather any commands that would normally go via the USB port will now go via the WiFi.

I then need to find out if Artisan will run on a suitable tablet, thoughts?
mick_in_oz wrote:
I've found a thread from 2013 with someone creating an App for their Android phone to let them remotely monitor whats going on.

That sounds like my thread and android App. I still use it for all my roasts. It's definitely not a full replacement for Artisan but it can do full control of a TC4 and will also plot roaster temps and log data to a csv file.

Is Artisan a definite requirement?
Yes I'm sure it was your project.

Nothing set in stone to use Artisan, but I liked the sound of version 1.0.0 with the automation, recalling a profile and it following it, coupled with a self learning PID like the Fuji I thought this was a likely easy to use and robust approach.

I'm not an Android fan, I don't want to control the roaster from my phone, my phone is a Nokia with Windows anyways, I really want it as a stand alone thing with the tablet as part of it, but want the realestate on the screen to be able to manage the graphs and controls.

Am open to any other options if you want to suggest some.

I'm an electronics tech (two-way radio), I fix stuff, we don't do code, so setting up an Arduino and so on will be a fair bit of effort, but I'm happy to have a crack. It felt like the Arduino UNO and TC4 was a simple proven approach, and with the UNO now being available with WiFi on board it seemed a good choice that was a little easier to get going.
Artisan is now releases a Raspberry Pi build, so another approach would be to use rPi headless and connect to it with a tablet via VNC.
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