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· 04/02/2020 4:50 AM
Morning Ed, I haven't done any green coffee hoarding yet but am hoping the supplies don't end up like the toilet paper isles!

· 03/31/2020 2:53 PM
Hey Ed. Thanks. roar

· 03/31/2020 11:21 AM
Hey quarantined home roasters! I hope you have great coffee! If they have a run on coffee, I hope you're set with your great home roast! Find me on Facebook! Ed Needham

· 03/25/2020 11:49 AM
New Rochelle in the news. I think of you every time I hear it. ... Please stay safe.

· 03/21/2020 7:36 AM
Good morning homeroasters morning Everyone is hopefully staying healthy through this. Hang in there and stay safe!

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Wooden Coffee Mug Kit
WoodCraft #836527 Wooden Mug Kit features a 16 ounce Stainless Steel insert. It can be built from a 3-3/4"x3-3/4"x8" solid block of wood or like I have done using 8 staves 1-7/16" wide x 7/8" thick x 8" long. Each stave should be cut with a 22.5 degree angle on each side.
I've used Cherry scraps from the cabinet maker across the street.
The staves are glued together using the cut offs as blocking strips when gluing the barrel halves as shown below. cup/glueup_staves.jpg

The halves are then glued together into a cylinder and put aside to dry. cup/glued cylinder.jpg

The staved barrel is then put into the 100mm chuck and put on the lathe. The outside is first turned round, then the seating lip is turned. cup/Cutting Lip.jpg

Using the Stainless Steel insert as a guide the inside is bored out. cup/Coring Barrel.jpg

Since the insert is a truncated cone the inside must be cut out to accommodate it. cup/Coring Barrel2.jpg

The inside is slowly cut away for a perfect fit. I was cutting a 32nd or 64th of an inch then trying the insert. Shaving off wood where ever the insert jammed until it fit snuggly. cup/Parts_looking_down.jpg

The outside is then shaped, making sure not to cut in too deep. cup/Parts_on_table.jpg

The barrel is sanded with 14 grades of sandpaper from 80 grit all the way to 12000 grit. 2 coats of friction polish are burnished into the wood with a cottom cloth. 2 decorative lines are burned into the barrel. The barrel is then cut off the chuck, turned around, and gripped by the seating lip cut into the barrel earlier. The bottom gets bored out for a 2" diameter plug. cup/Cutting Bottom.jpg

The plug is drilled and countersunk on one side to accomodate a threaded projection on the insert used to hold the mug together, and on the other side to keep the mug sitting level. When the glue holding the plug in the bottom of the barrel has dried. The bottom gets sanded, inscribed, and friction polished. The insert is fixed into the barrel with a screw and the Wooden Coffee Mug is Complete. cup/Finished.jpg

WoodCraft Wood Mug Kit #836527 $9.99
WoodCraft Wood Mug Instructions #77C46 Free on Internet
7/8" Cherry Stock Free scraps from cabinet maker across the street
Turning time and talent Priceless!
Appreciation from recipient of mug Just as Priceless!

Mark B. Midland, NC
Edited by MarkBart on 06/24/2007 2:33 PM
nice work and a very cool find! thanks for posting. s:2s:2s:2s:2s:2
Nice job Norm! Er, Mark.

Traditional Japanese sake cups are made from a cedar or cypress. They aren't round! They are little boxes.
WOW! That is really nice work, Mark! s:2s:2s:2s:2s:2

Eddie Dove

The South Coast Coffee Roaster
vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Reference

Marvelous! Fantastico!

How much for one of those bad boys? It'd probably be cheaper than a lathe purchase and lathing instructions. Seriously, though... wife's birthday is around the corner! I'll sand and finish it... just need the lathe work.

Oh, wait, though... the mother of all questions... does it leak?

PM me!

Edited by seedlings on 09/15/2007 7:26 PM
Hi Chad!

The sixth picture from the top shows the wooden cylider on the left, and the 16 ounce stainless steel insert and lid on the right. The insert is seamless and the lid has a rubber gasket around the edge. Since it holds far less coffee than I want to drink I haven't used any that I've made. I've only given them away as gifts to my co-workers as Thank You gifts. The sanding and finishing are most easily done on the lathe as the barrel spins, I can't see how a quality product can be sanded and finished off the lathe.

Mark B.
Edited by MarkBart on 09/16/2007 1:47 AM

Great Job! and thanks for posting the pics.

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