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06/12/2019 3:57 PM
Just waiting on my TC4 shipment then it's roasting time

06/03/2019 11:37 AM
I rarely purchase roasted coffee. I just ordered 4 bags from Mountain Air Roaster.

05/30/2019 12:34 PM
Hi, I use a wok with a glass lid for roasting. shaking the wok is a good exercise, actually.

05/29/2019 9:08 PM

05/27/2019 1:56 AM
Kenya Nyeri Katogoto

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Artisan and Mastech 6514
Hello all, I've just downloaded Artisan 1.0.0 for windows and installed it a couple minutes ago. I have also purchased a Mastech 6514 thermometer, and trying out the software for the first time.

Artisan seems to recognize the mastech; in the upper left it shows the thermometer there but it then says "0 received, 18 needed" in tiny print.
Nothing appears on the screen, no data. The mastech shows the temp of the thermocouple, but no data is making it into Artisan... any help appreciated!

Hi Walt,

I am not familiar with the Mastech but it may need to be put in a mode where it connects to external devices.

You might also see if it has a reset procedure. Sometimes it needs to clear and initialize if it has been sitting a while on the shelf.

KKTO Roaster.
JackH, you were right! I assumed the Mastech should display the temp values on its face and also feed the same reading out on its USB line. But there is a button on it to choose the output called PClink that I have to press each time I hook it up to the computer.

Artisan now works! Can't wait to try it out on a real roast.... (I'm still under full manual control)

Glad it worked Walt!

KKTO Roaster.
Ooops! spoke too soon... it seems a bit glitchy, but today it stopped working. The temp registers on the meter, and it says "USB" so I know it is supposed to be transmitting to Artisan, but Artisan does not display the temp... on upper left it says "Unable to open serial port". The COM setttings and baud rate are correct. But it won't read the temp into Artisan? anyone have a clue here? Also, the BT and ET are no longer displayed, it now displays AET and ABT (delta ET and delta BT)... how do I get it back to just ET and BT?
Found the issue! I had been playing in the Config screen and had turned off the LCD by mistake...
Walt - I'm hoping to get a Mastech 6514 soon. Thanks for posting your experience with it - a good reference when I get mine.

A few questions...
What's your roaster?
Did you use the probes that came with?
If not, what probe(s) did you get?

I've got a Freshroast SR500, and was considering this probe:
uxcell K Type 20cm Probe Thermocouple High Temperature Sensor 1.65M
Posting a warn here, to not start a new thread...
To all Mastech owners: beware, the probes are not protected against over-voltage !
Fried mine by touching the naked/non-insulated junction to metal parts of two different ovens, each with own power cable, only one being grounded.
However, the instrument IS labeled with a warning to not exceed 30V from the inputs to ground... but who reads this :)
So beware to not touch ungrounded metalic oven parts if your TC have a conductive path from junction to sheath !
The inputs are connected to a SGM8552 dual op amp, cheap, $2-3, hope is the only damage, and I can repair only by replacing this chip. Will keep you updated.
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