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· 06/05/2020 5:38 PM
peveleth, It is better if you start a post in the forum with your question. These shouts go away in time.

· 06/05/2020 3:10 PM
For Gene Cafe Roasters I have an older Gene Cafe Roaster. Temp fluctuates probably showing age. Question: For recent owners of the newer Gene Cafe Roaster, your opinions?

· 06/02/2020 9:10 AM
keep healthy bro, love roaster form home

· 05/27/2020 10:14 AM
Anyone else have issues seeing the whole window of a thread when accessing from a mobile phone? Any fixes?

· 04/02/2020 4:50 AM
Morning Ed, I haven't done any green coffee hoarding yet but am hoping the supplies don't end up like the toilet paper isles!

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Another Kaldi
I ordered a regular one. I like the Wide design better, but I didn't need the extra capacity so it didn't really make sense to spend the extra money on it. I have new idea for combining with my air roaster that is much simpler than my previous design. I'll post a youtube in a couple weeks.
I got the Kaldi! It's really nice. I am still waiting for the thermocouples, etc. from Amazon :-(

Couple things,

I tried it out using a one burner propane camping stove. I did first seasoning on medium and it roasted 200g in about 5 minutes. So did second one on very lowest heat I could get it too and it took about 10 minutes. Did 3rd with 250g and it took 13:30 to hit 2c. This thing does not need a lot of power and you will have a hard time if you have too much power. It also reinforced my desire for electric heat.

My original plan was to make a dual roasting station, then I realized it would be a lot easier to simply make a bracket under my roasting shelf to hold the popper and use the popper to heat the roaster. The blower is pretty quiet on low, has plenty of juice, and then wouldn't need a second fan and burner. But after using propane stove and not having any fan noise, I am reconsidering the electric burner again. Have to think about it.

Some people complaining about beans falling out of machine. I don't understand that, I was doing 250g and really believe I could have done 300g no problem looking inside the machine. I roasted "normal" sized guat beans, so thinking I would do some jumbo monsooned malabars next week and see how much of those it can do for reference.

On this model the trier is pretty much useless because the thermometer is in the way. I used a flashlight and it worked ok, but if you aren't going to mount a thermocouple, then prolly better to spend the extra money on the wide version.

Finally, after 5 roasts the motor seemed pretty darn hot to me, so contemplating mounting a cooling fan, but don't really know if that is necessary or not. It may be within specs, have to look into it.
Bought a $10 1000watt burner at walmart and unfortunately not nearly enough juice as is. Part of the problem was thermostat would kick in, but heating real slow before that regardless even on 200g batch. So if you just want something you can put under and use, then don't get an electric heating element.

However, the electric dream is not dead...yet! The element was around 6 inches wide, so I used the vice to carefully wind it tighter to the size of the drum and going to make a simple base to hold the element about an inch from the drum and connect to the PID. Thermocouples came today, so hoping all that does the trick. If not, then I will try the popper heater next.
Got my test rig going, here it is. Gonna use it for a little bit like this and then start tweaking it.

Edited by JackH on 06/19/2016 3:47 AM
I tried the first coffee out of this machine, a nice guat blend that I had good results on my air roaster and all I have to say is wow, absolutely the WORST coffee I have roasted in a very long time. LOL, got some work to do :-)


HoldTheOnions wrote:

I tried the first coffee out of this machine, a nice guat blend that I had good results on my air roaster and all I have to say is wow, absolutely the WORST coffee I have roasted in a very long time. LOL, got some work to do :-)

it definitely took me a handful of roasts to get something decent. I'm getting pretty good roast now, but the hit or miss factor is really bumming me out. Just when I think I nail a roast, i taste some smokiness in there. I've been going back and forth with my Sr500 and the Kaldi, but am thinking of selling the Kaldi and saving for a Quest. I think the airflow(or lack of control)situation is definitely holding me back. I would go more than 1.30minutes(and or FC temp +10degrees) from the start of FC.
No smokiness on my end, but it was completely bland. I think roasted too long and too low, so have done more with hotter preheat and more aggressive dropping of temp and I'll see how those compare this week. I think it just takes a little time to get it sorted.
You're right. It's actually a great little roaster. I was salty when I posted my last comment.
I understand completely, I am guessing your palate is probably way better than mine. It gets really smoky in the drum, but I can't taste it.

Do you have the wide version with the screen in the bottom? Most of my smoke comes from burning chaff, maybe rigging a screen in there would help. Thinking now I might do that for the sake of other people drinking the coffee.

I am definitely getting a fan going, I think it's a must to get good control electric burner. I am guessing it would help with smokiness as well.
I would trade all my coffee gear for a good palate! Tasting skills have definitely improved over the years, but I envy the palate my boss and some of my coworkers have.

I have the regular Kaldi, but I kinda wish I got the wide. I didn't because of the fact that you have to remove the whole front piece at the end anyway. I've found that the natural airflow/ventilation that occurs is plenty to evacuate chaff and a lot of the smoke. Adding a fan would actually speed up convection since you'd be pulling hot air over the bean mass and out the front. A good idea, but it can backfire easy. I was using a vacuum towards the end of the roast to simulate airflow and found the temp would actually increase(even with the burner all the way low). I would recommend using a gas burner instead of electric. Or an IR burner. The roaster is very responsive to heat changes and from what I've read and experienced, it's best to keep airflow constant if you have ultimate control of the heat source. i would be worried about chaff building up and charring on electric coils. With a flame, the chaff burns up in a second.

I've also been less worried about temperatures and more focused on the duration of the 3 phases. I like 5-6 min to yellow/2-3minute ramp/1-1:30 development. I use temp to monitor RoR, but smell, sight and sound are my main tools. I've found this to be more reliable and fun! Especially if you do less that 200g. The temp read outs will be way higher and confusing.
I may go gas eventually, but really want to exhaust the electric options just for the convenience factor. Have a few more things to try, but if not happy with any of them then will definitely start playing with gas.

I put together popper as my heater today as shown in youtube. If it works, then will use it for a little bit that way and see how I like it. I'm pooped for now, so will prolly test it out tomorrow.
I hear you. Maybe plugging the popper into a light dimmer or variac will give you more control of the heat? I'd be afraid of too much air and crazy chaff blowing out the front. Too much airflow can dull the roast. I'll be curious to here your results!
Man, popper still not enough juice. Totally surprised actually, didn't even consider it wouldn't have enough, but still coming up about 20c shy of 1c. I was able to turn the blower down plenty low, but just not enough wattage and/or still too much separation and moving it closer to the drum wouldn't be feasible with the plastic housing, so moving on.

Also I tried regular speed controller, but the algorithm on that chip still had issues with the burner I am using, would heat for a bit, cool a little, then heat again. Better than autotuned PID, but not the best. So, now going to Plan C and simply put fan under heating element and use pulse control via arduino and ssr. I am highly confident Plan C will be the winner ;-)

I also worked on datalogging, but currently having issues with Artisan and Linux. Works fine on Windows, so know the hardware is good, but no extra Windows licenses for the laptop I want to use.
Quick update, been delayed a bit after throwing my back out and now on vacation, but before this was playing with electric again and set my base on fire, actually spontaneously combusted, so have to go to all metal for heating element setup.

Laying around this week I ordered a coleman butane stove rated at 7650 btu's, so will try that out next week. This one If I don't like that, then will go back to the electric. May play with electric anyway for heck of it. Thinking could use the butane stove base to hold electric element as well. Also thinking can mount a fan under it and will blow up through, not sure yet how that would affect a butane burner though.

I also got thermocouples set up and artisan sorted on linux, will show how I put that together next week or so.
New one showing thermocouple placement and new stove. I meant to turn it on and shine light so could see how beans interact with thermocouples, but forgot and too lazy to redo, but will try to show in next video.


(sorry having problems embedding youtube)

ADMIN Edit: Use the video tag:
HoldTheOnions attached the following image:

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