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· 06/02/2020 9:10 AM
keep healthy bro, love roaster form home

· 05/27/2020 10:14 AM
Anyone else have issues seeing the whole window of a thread when accessing from a mobile phone? Any fixes?

· 04/02/2020 4:50 AM
Morning Ed, I haven't done any green coffee hoarding yet but am hoping the supplies don't end up like the toilet paper isles!

· 03/31/2020 2:53 PM
Hey Ed. Thanks. roar

· 03/31/2020 11:21 AM
Hey quarantined home roasters! I hope you have great coffee! If they have a run on coffee, I hope you're set with your great home roast! Find me on Facebook! Ed Needham

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My Experience with the Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster
I also let me roaster cool to about 50C before turning the motor off. I set the roaster on my cooling fan and let it suck the hot air out. Usually takes about 5 minutes. I've heard that same noise maybe once, but the motor is definitely getting hot because of conduction. I tested it by letting the motor run for 45 minutes with any heat being applied and the motor only got warm.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
They are a fun alternative to the Huky. Btw a standard US adapter made it run at about 30rpm. My drum seems to spin at about 45-60rpm normally.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Yeah, you can totally rig some Huky like airflow on the wide with some jpipe tubing. Harder to do with the standard guy I have. Tried to order the Hopper that comes with the wide with no luck. I like the aesthetic of the wide, but didn't order it because I'd have to remove the hopper to end the roast anyway. I've been treating my roaster like a JB sample roaster. Rigging thermometry on it has been a pain.
How are you logging your roasts? Old fashion pen and paper or do you have some kind of data logger?
have any of you noticed a lack in body and almost dry quality to your roasts? Might be the quick profiles. I feel like I haven't gotten the syrupy cups that I'd get with my FreshRoast or the whirly.
I log my roasts with pen and paper currently. Been doing so since 2010 when I started Whirley Poppin'.

My roast with the Kaldi have been a little brighter than my Whirley roasts, but for me that's not a bad thing. I like the floral African coffees best in most cases. I don't find my recent roasts thin by any means, more medium/light bodied. But I have done any dark roasts yet.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop

The above is a post about airflow mods. does anyone understand the differences in the models? They look the same to me other than one haing a motor and one a crank. Are there any other differences?
the hand crank and electric model are the same. Minus the motor obviously. They both come with a perf drum with a removable copper band which makes them semi direct heat. The Kaldi wide has a nicer thermo probe and tryer design and can roast about 50 grams more(300 I think, other two guys can do upto 250). The wide also has a flam arrest(mesh plate that you can slide in and out. Works like the copper band on the smaller guys, but probably much better).
As far as introducing forced airflow, it depends on where the air is being pulled from. The airflow mod that's in the link you posted would actually speed up the roast since the air is being pulled from the heat source as well. I've done a few roast where I held a vacuum about an inch away from the drum openin and I saw the temp climb much faster even with lower heat. If you were to find a way to pull air through the back of the roaster, it would introduce room temp air, which would slow the roast. You'd have to do some intense drilling to rig this, but it's possible. From what I've read, it's best to keep airflow the same throughout the roast in roasters that pull air up through the bean mass and out the funnel or charge hole. Just enough to get smoke and chaff out should be good. This would be easier to rig with the wide due to the design of the funnel.
Yeah, same here. Pen and paper. I also enjoy the denser African varieties. I have a Colombia Inza right now that tastes like those candies with the strawberry wrapper. Love me a natural too! We just had an El Salvador natural at my work place that was just delicious.
Jose, that's awesome I'll have to try some!

Also, I keep the stopper off my Wide until I reach about 175C (yellowing/browning). This helps me have a quicker turning point and reach first crack before 10 minutes. Anytime I've removed the stopper after this point and left it off I've had smoky tasting roasts. So I think you're right about airflow through the front. You don't need to force it.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
So I dropped my Kaldi off the table the other day. Landed in one piece but the motor took all the impact. Wouldn't turn on so I took her apart and I'll say, this roaster is built like a tank. The axel ended up getting a bit bent from the fall, but I managed to get it working again! Only thing is, the drum spins clockwise now so my thermometer is reading mostly air temp since the cascade of beans is on the opposite side(took me forever to rig a thermocouple on this thing). This has been a gift and a curse since I can't really rely on thermometry(having spent so much time and patience on it, I'd rather jump out a window than do it all over again). This has been helping me make adjustments during the roast using time, appearance, smell, and sound. I realized that I was so caught up in numbers and graphs on the internet, that I would label a roast botched before even tasting it. And when I would, my mind was already set on being unhappy with the roast. I would taste bake where my lady or coworkers wouldn't. Or smokiness. Not saying that those roasty weren't there, but the rearranging of numbers so they correlate with someone else's were driving me nuts. Especially people using different roasters.
What I've been doing instead is slightly planning my roast(dry/caramel/development) and only relying on thermometry for preheat and to see how quickly I'm moving into and through FC. Btw Geekster, your turning point might be much faster than you think! I'm using a naked thermocouple(which has shown me how sensitive this roaster is to heat changes. You can literally stop the climb in its tracks). I preheat to 200C and bring the gas to the lowest possible without the flame going out and charge. Turning point comes at 45seconds to a minute for me. After a minute and a half, I blast the heat for yellow at 5minutes. Decrease heat if I'm browning too fast. The heat comes down after FC gets poppin' and maybe one more time if I'm going too fast. I like a 10-15degree climb from FCS-Drop. i think that due to how small our batches are and the natural airflow the roaster allows(quite a bit since chaff flies out the front) forced airflow would only complicate things, but it would be nice to evacuate the smoke and chaff that lingers in the drum.
All great points! Without a digital thermometer it's probably not showing me a true turning point!

Btw, I'm glad your Kaldi is still operational! I've noticed different adapters make the drum spin at different speeds. A US adapter made it spin at about 30 rpm. My Kaldi usually spins at 45-60rpm with the supplied Japanese adapter. When you had the motor apart could you see anyway to keep heat from building up in there?
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
I didn't have the heat issue in mind when I took it apart, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. I point a very small fan at the motor(facing away from the flame, of course)every now and then. Doesn't do much though. I will say(if I haven't already) this guy is built like a tank, especially for the money.
My boss is finally trusting me to roast our samples(at least this current batch). I knocked out four 100g batches, back to back. Motor got super hot, but not much more than when I do one or two, 8-9min roasts. It also cooled off very quickly with a fan pointed at it. I'd love to post a photo, but it doesn't seem like you can from an iPhone..


JoseP wrote:

I'd love to post a photo, but it doesn't seem like you can from an iPhone..

The photo's file size needs to be no larger than 268K or the system will reject it. Usually, you can re-size it in your phone.

Also, no spaces in the filename.

Use the browse box to select the file at the bottom of the screen and do not use quick reply. (see attached image)

Let me know if you are still having trouble, I will be glad to help!
JackH attached the following image:

Edited by JackH on 07/16/2016 4:07 PM

KKTO Roaster.
Thanks Jack! Smart phone, dumb dude...
So, here my kit! I'm lucky my lady doesn't mind my taking over the kitchen..
JoseP attached the following image:
I am glad it worked.

Nice setup!

KKTO Roaster.
Cheekius Geekus
Greetings all. I'm pretty excited by what I see regarding the Kaldi line and I'm eyeing a Wide for myself (hopefully in the not TOO distant future).

I had two suggestions for the hot motor problem:
1) Get some 1/16" Teflon/TPFE material and make a gasket for between the motor and the roaster. This should help isolate it more, thermally.
2) Silicone BBQ gloves for the roasted bean dump

I've been reading about the Kaldi in a lot of places and it sounds like a great roaster. Everyone seems to be modifying it though. Just well does it work out of the box?


RogerH wrote:

I've been reading about the Kaldi in a lot of places and it sounds like a great roaster. Everyone seems to be modifying it though. Just well does it work out of the box?

It works fine, just most people eventually want automated datalogging and more precise temperature control with fans, etc. to nail specific curves. You can learn to make good coffee looking at a thermometer and the beans though.
I got the basic Kaldi a little over a year ago. Use it on an electric stovetop. Struggled to get decent roasts with just blind temp control, but couldn't think of a good way to get a probe in the drum. Then my solution occurred to me and the result is shown in the photos. Works pretty well coupled with roast logger software (1/2 dozen roasts logged), but still trying to nail down the right profile.

I'd love to hear more about what others are doing to get results they like.
DoubleK attached the following images:
img_2432.jpg img_2431.jpg img_2429.jpg img_2428.jpg img_2426.jpg
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