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· 08/06/2020 3:33 PM
Allenb, how are you doing?

· 08/05/2020 1:08 PM
Is anyone roasting on a Coffee Tech FZ 94? Using Artisan. Need help. thumbdown

· 08/03/2020 11:26 AM
There is (or was? Grin ) a gesha at sweet marias...

· 07/25/2020 12:31 PM
I ran out of Ethiopian Gesha.

· 07/25/2020 12:31 PM
it is ok. I do not remember. I think it was a callout to the spam shout.

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My Experience with the Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster
Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm new to the site. I've been roasting on the Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster for about a month now. This is my Experience..

I'm a self-taught, home roaster that started out on a Whirley Pop about 6 years ago. I've continued to use this method for roasting at home up until I bought my Kaldi Wide in late March. I've also been roasting on commercial drum roasters for the past 5 years (Joper 3 Kilo & Ambex 15 Kilo). Surprisingly some of the tastiest roast came from the Whirley Pop.

Now, onto the Kaldi..

It took 7 business days for it to arrive from Korea and It was meticulously packaged. The craftsmanship on it is incredible and it is super quiet. I've completed about 6 roast as of now. Typically roasting 10oz batches. My heatsource is a 7,500 BTU Coleman Camp Stove and I use an old exhaust fan and a sieve for cooling the beans (looks similar to the Huky cooling system).

I really love this roaster, but I am having difficulties getting a good profile set for Ethiopian harrar (only coffee that I've roasted with the Kaldi). I'm not sure why, but most of my roasts are either very mellow or slightly smoky tasting and I usually drop the roast right as I'm coming up on second scrack. I roasted the same coffee with my Whirley Pop and had some awesome blueberry notes.

Part of the problem is I'm not used to roasting with a perforated drum. Also, there is no forced airflow in the roaster. Natural airflow occurs, but I'm not sure how much. The roaster came with a stopper to use in place of the funnel, but the instructions are all in Korean and don't mention how to incorporate this into the roasting process. I know this because there are no pictures of the stopper in the manual, lol.

I typically charge to about 200C and I've used both a low and medium flame. I've consistently hit first crack at 200C. On low heat I hit FC at 12:30. On Medium heat I hit FC at 9:30. I typically load approximately 10oz.

If anyone could lend some helpful advice on how to get more floral/fruity notes out of Harrar please let me know.

I'll be sure to post photos when I can, but please check out my YouTube video of my roast process. This was only my 3rd roast on the Kaldi Wide. I was, and am still trying to learn this beast.

Edited by JackH on 03/28/2017 5:10 PM
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Here's a link to the YouTube video in case the above link doesn't work on your mobile device.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Hi, thanks for the youtube, not any user vids out there so real nice. I was thinking the no fan might be an issue, that's why I was contemplating electric burner(s) with fan under it to get some air control. I don't really know how that would work though. I am thinking the stopper probably doesn't do much because of the vents on the side of the roaster. Only thought is maybe you could try plugging the vents and then using the chimney to control the air flow? That could be a really bad idea for reasons I don't understand.

I've had harrar once before and found it very finicky to get the fruit out of it. I don't know how well my notes would translate to drum, but in short needed around 9 minutes to 1c also had to take it pretty close to 2c.

I like the new design, can I ask where you ordered it from?

Thanks for the quick response.

I'm not sure blocking those vents would be a good idea either. It gets pretty hot. The natural airflow that occurs in the roaster pushes chaff into the chaff collector regardless of the stopper being on or not. The flame arrest under the drum (mesh plate) seems to do a good job at distributing heat evenly and catching debris.

My latest roast hit FC around 9:30 and I dropped the roast at 12:30 at the end of FC. It tasted fairly smoky to me and didn't taste like how Harrar should. During this roast I kept the heat on medium until 175C. Then I removed the stopper and lowered the heat. I hit first crack at 200C st 9:30. I kept the stopper off until I dumped the roast at 12:30 and 220C (approx.)

My plan for next time is to try a 250g batch. Also to remove the stopper at 175C , but not lower the heat in order to launch a good rolling FC. As soon as it rolling I'll put the stopper back on to not pull as much heat through the drum and lower the flame. I'll dump the roast at the usual 220C.

I'm thinking that the recommend capacity of 300g is too much for the drum. My first roast on the Kaldi was a 150g batch. Though a little darker than I prefer, it was actually pretty tasty.

I bought the roaster off of GMarket from SEINN TECH. I had a first time buyer coupon and only paid about $539 after shipping. It arrived in 7 business days. Make sure you let you bank know before you purchase or they'll cancel the transaction. Also do the same with GMarket or they'll cancel the transaction. This happened to me twice, lol.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
IC, actually a bunch of different versions, thank you!
No problem! The have a 500g Kaldi Fortis for sale that looks pretty awesome! I'd be hesitant to buy it without a review though.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Here's an update...

I got some tasty results from a smaller batch size. I roasted an 8oz batch. Even though I didn't get noticeable blueberry notes out of the Harrar it was 10 times better than my previous roasts.

I preheated to 200C. Turning point was at 3:00 @ 150C. I hit first crack at 9:00 @ 200C and dumped the roast at 12:00 @ 225C.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Cool I am interested in the Kaldi. It is a bit difficult to find much info on.
As soon as I master it I'll write up a "how to".
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Just pulled the trigger on a Kaldi Wide! $645 on Amazon with free shipping, and I had a $100 Amazon gift card lying around woohoo

Thanks for your detailed posts and the YouTube video, they played a big part in my decision. I've been heat gun roasting for a while and tend toward more forgiving coffees so hopefully that'll ease my learning curve once the Kaldi shows up
Sure thing! I love sharing knowledge. Good luck with your new roaster.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Cafe Rouleur
Hi Guys,

I'm new to HR and also to roasting. I purchased a Kaldi Wide about a month ago as well and have ten roasts on it thus far. Since I'm new to roasting I wanted a roaster that was totally manual / reliant on sight and smell to learn the roasting process. I also wanted to be able to roast around a half pound at a time.

So far I'm really happy with my Kaldi. Mine didn't include the stopper so I'm basically just using a stainless pan to cover the funnel. Seems to work just fine. I'm also using a 10,000 btu stove. Maybe a little overkill?

I'm ten roasts in. I had an issue with the analog bean probe sticking after six roasts. At that point I replaced it with a thermocouple and a second for et where the top left cold was in the rear of the roaster. I'm running them through a Phidget 1048 and using Artisan. I'd be more than happy to share some profiles as things progress.

Here's a photo of my current setup.

Cool that is what I want to see. I hope to have the funds later this summer for one of those.
Cafe Rouleur,

That's rad, I'd love to compare profiles. I asked SEINN ahead of time to make sure to include the stopper, because it wasn't pictured often. Do you find that the motor gets fairly hot after the roast? I've roasted back-to-back once and it got fairly hot to touch.

I've been getting great consistent roasts now regardless of the bean:
- 8oz green
- preheat 185C (medium high flame, no stopper)
- turning point under 2:30 @145C
- place the stopper on at 175C
- try to hit first crack by 9-9:30 @ 200C
- slightly lower the flame to medium heat at 1C
- when 1C is rolling lower the flame to low and coast to your desired roast level
- I cool after 1C has ended and second crack is about to start.

This has consistently given me tasty roasts. I sample throughout as needed.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
The roaster heats up a lot faster with the stopper off. When you put it on at 175C it keeps that smokey ashy taste from showing up in your beans. The air excapes through the sides instead of the front this way.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop
Sup y'all!

New to the forum, but have been lurking the site religiously for months. Started off with a whirly pop and loved it. Switched it up to an sr500 and had a love hate relationship with it. Now I am roasting on an electric Kaldi(not the wide, which I should have went for). At first, every roast was super smokey no matter how light I went. I'm about 15 roasts in and have been getting awesome results! Very hyped on this little guy.
My roasts are looking like: 5min preheat(low heat) to 410F for 200g/TP at 250F at around 1:30/high heat for yellowing at around 5:00(down to medium heat when fully yellow)/FC at 7:45-8:00 at around 400F-405F(the smaller the batch the higher my FC temps are. I just try and make sure I only go up about 5 degrees a minute during development)/low heat about :30 into FC(any sooner and I tend to stall my roast at FC temp)/I aim to drop at FC+15F in about 1:30-2minutes. The results have been very bright, snappy acidity,strong aromatics, sweetness and body could be improved with some stretching of the roast. Oh and NO SMOKINESS! I think I was applying too much heat during development(while also aiming for 20-25%) instead of coasting to finish on my first few roast.

Hyped to be a part of and I hope to hear more from you guys with the Kaldis. I've seen so much bashing sans experience with the roaster. Geekster's videos and testimonies really helped me pull the trigger!

Glad some of my knowledge helped out! I'm also glad I'm not the only one that went through a few batches before dialing it in. These perforated drums are a hard beast to conquer. We are th Kaldi Pioneers!

Have you had any issues with your motor getting hot? I've tried different Electrical adapters and it changes the speed of the drum.
Kaldi Wide & Whirley Pop

My motor definitely gets hot. Especially if I do multiple batches. I think it conducts heat from the body of the roaster. After roasting, I vacuum it out(drum still spinning) and point a fan at the motor for a bit as to not warp the drum. Something that's been worrying me is the loud churning sound it starts to make. Happens every other roast or so. Sometimes if I put a hand on the handle it stops. Checked to see if anything is loose and everything is good. I tried hitting up Hong @ SEINN to inquire about spare parts in case one would have to do some repair work. Haven't heard back. The lack of tech support is my only worry.

My roaster came with a copper sleeve instead of the flame arrest. Best of both worlds I guess. I did a roast with the sleeve off and the chaff that fell through was a Lil too much. I'd go for a faster roast with fully perf drum. More convection going on. The roast cupped well, but was a lil dull.
now if I can only figure out how to attach a photo from my phone...
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