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10/13/2019 6:09 PM
Male Guide Reviews Some of the common supplements used to assist you lose weight are: Hoodia can be an herbal supplement that is very popular in programs designed to help you lose excess fat. It is em

10/10/2019 4:49 AM
Honduras Royal Reserve today.

10/08/2019 11:29 AM
Hi RAZ. Please post your 18-25kg build question in either the drum or fluidbed build forums and we'll all try to answer.

10/08/2019 10:43 AM
Quien me pude ayudar por favor, con el diseƱo para construir un tostador que funcione ya sea con Gas, electricidad o flujo de aire caliente, de unos (18 o 25) Kg. estoy en Venezuela

10/08/2019 10:41 AM
Saludos a todos

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Another coffee myth down..
Caffeine doe not induce heart palpitations:
No oil on my beans...
oldgearhead wrote:

Caffeine doe not induce heart palpitations:

Let it be finally laid to rest, just like the whole egg yolk/cholesterol myth...
Carpe Diem With Coffee
About three months ago I had to wear a monitor for a flipping month because I've had a problem for 8-10 years with a sudden shortness of breath and was getting worse. It had gotten to where I could walk from the bedroom to the kitchen and have to stop and sit down a couple of minutes.
The monitor showed I had very irregular heart beats and the doctor put me a medication that worked like a switch. I took the first pill almost two months ago and have not had one episode since. I told up front, I generally consumed 36 grams of coffee per day. Two 10 ounce cups with 18 grams in each. He said if he thought that was the problem he would be taking a double dose of the medication he was putting me on.
I first experienced AFIB in 1980. I took all kinds of tests and the cardio people decided I needed CABAG surgery. After I had the surgery, I still had AFIB until about six week later, then all symptoms left me for over 20 years. The cardiologist agreed it was the scaring from the operation that cured the AFIB.
Then in 2005 the symptoms returned. I was on blood thinners and Amiodrone for three years. In the meantime a heart valve damaged by childhood rheumatic fever and another heart valve, damaged by the Marlboro Man were becoming problematic. So another major operation was scheduled. I had 2 heart valves replaced, the old CABG cleaned up, and a MAZE procedure.
I was symptom free and drug free for 7 years until November when the AFIB returned. Now I'm back on Amiodrone and blood thinners. Amiodrone is not fun!
My advice to you is the find the very best electrophysiologist available. Maybe an implanted device will work best for you?
Edited by oldgearhead on 01/28/2016 1:58 AM
No oil on my beans...
He didn't call mine AFIB. It just does screwy beats from time to time. An upper chamber my give a quick double beat, or skip a beat, then a lower chamber may skip a beat or give some funky beat on a random basis. My problem is when I'm rested, and get up to do something, my blood pressure would drop way down, causing the shortness of breath and light headiness. Like I tell them, once I'm up and get my motor going, it normally doesn't bother me.
They put a stint in, in 2011, said that was my problem, but that seemed to make it worse. This guy that diagnosed it was the third different heart specialist, beside my regular cardiologist I had been to for different test. He said with this medication I'm taking, it should clear up within six months to a year and I will come off it.
oldgearhead wrote:

Caffeine doe not induce heart palpitations:

I disagree. Waiting for my time to be complete on my Behmor....I get palpitations!

Behmor 1600+, SC/TO, KKTO (Building), Baratza Encore, Chemex, Bodum Chambord French Press, Turkish Cezve
LongLeafSoaps wrote:

oldgearhead wrote:

Caffeine doe not induce heart palpitations:

Let it be finally laid to rest, just like the whole egg yolk/cholesterol myth...

I had to read about this. I didn't know the myth was busted. Wow, thanks!
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