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New TC4 v6.00/Arduino UNO R3 - new user help needed
Hi I have just assembled a new TC4 v6.00 from Jim and am having trouble with compiling TC4_diag sketch for testing/initialising the TC4

I am getting compile errors as per attached from the Arduino IDE

I am using Mac/OSX and pretty sure I have all the libraries in the right places
I have \documents\arduino\libraries folder containing

Im new to Arduino environment so probably doing something stupid
any help much appreciated

regds Phil
PhilH attached the following file: [2.07kB / 59 Downloads]
Hi Phil,

What is the TC4_diag sketch for? I'm not familiar with it? Actually I see it's from RusticRoaster's GitHub repository.

Have you tried uploading another sketch? One of the Jim's TC4 sketches?
As I understand it "TC4_diag" Sketch is written to test a new TC4 shield and initialise TC tables in EEPROM

it is referred to in JackHs "TC4 DIY Procedure - Test" forum (link below)

I can compile and load your aArtemis_PID sketch OK and the TC4 responds to commands from Serial monitor - ie chans,1234, read etc so I presume its working ok

Do I need to use "TC4_diag" to intitialise TC4 EEPROM T/Couple tables ?

regds Phil
I've never run the TC4_diag sketch. I just use the default calibration parameters. Which means my temps being read may be slightly different to the actual temp but I don't lose any sleep over it for roasting purposes. As long as the readings are consistant.

I'll have to try compiling the TC4_diag sketch when I get a chance to see if I get the same errors.
That sketch was written specifically as a diagnostic for the older version of the TC4 (V4.0) and to be used when assembling a TC4 from components (soldering in each component on a PC board). In that case, it would need to be initialized to a known state.

This was at a time when there were no TC4 boards available and the only way to get one was to build it from the ground up.

If you received a board from Jim, he usually loads a sketch of your choice (RoastLogger, Artisan) into the board. It should work as is.

KKTO Roaster.
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