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· 04/05/2020 10:37 PM
i need wiring modification for westbend poppery I that has AC fan with rotary dimmer and AC fan speed control switches Thank you!

· 04/02/2020 4:50 AM
Morning Ed, I haven't done any green coffee hoarding yet but am hoping the supplies don't end up like the toilet paper isles!

· 03/31/2020 2:53 PM
Hey Ed. Thanks. roar

· 03/31/2020 11:21 AM
Hey quarantined home roasters! I hope you have great coffee! If they have a run on coffee, I hope you're set with your great home roast! Find me on Facebook! Ed Needham

· 03/25/2020 11:49 AM
New Rochelle in the news. I think of you every time I hear it. ... Please stay safe.

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Bean blend for iced coffee
Hi everyone!

I am new to homeroasting, as I just started doing it about two weeks ago with a Popcorn Popper and the sampler pack from Sweet Maria's. I am truly loving it though. The coffee I make from the beans I roast the day before tastes SO much better than what I would make from grocery store beans. It's fun too!

I drink my coffee iced and so was wondering if you all have any advice or recipes/bean blends for a perfect iced coffee? I am about to place my next Sweet Maria's order and am OK with ordering several different one pound bags of beans, but am don't know WHICH I should order. I used to work at a Caribou Coffee and I loved their Sumatra Blend for making iced coffee. Any advice you can give will be appreciated! Thanks a bunch!
For ice coffee, I look for beans described as "bold" and that are recommended for dark roasting. I also cold-brew the coffee and drink with a generous amount of milk and sweetener (which is very different from how I do hot coffee).

Of course, your preferences may differ!
Glad to hear you're enjoying homeroasting. I hear it's highly addictive!

On iced coffee blend suggestions? I've never tried to blend for iced coffee but a Sumatra blend sounds like it would be a great option. If it were me, I'd do the Sumatra, a good central and maybe toss in 20% of a nice high-end Brazil to round it out. And then, roast a few more from one of SM sampler packs and try other combinations.

Something you may like to try for a spin off the beaten path and expand your roasting horizons is Café au lait in the tradition of Café du Monde in New Orleans. I grew up drinking cajun coffee with chicory. Don't take the whole milk over 160F, don't use lighter than whole milk or will be too thin, take your roast to well into 2nd crack but not all the way to a french roast. Find some fairly fresh roasted ground chicory and put together a 20% chicory to 80% coffee. This is one of the only "coffee drinks" I partake of.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
My roasting batch for cold brew coffee normally ends just before the second crack. A blend of a majority of Ethiopia beans with Kenya bean delivery a great flavors and taste.
Cold brew is just like hot brew in that your personal tastes matter more than any of our opinions on what you should buy. But you asked, so I'll answer! :)
First off, my wife and I LOVE cold-brewed coffee. (Not as much as espresso and cappuccino, but it's right in line behind that). We always have cold brew in our refrigerator, and I've tried a lot of different combinations (all of them with a touch of heavy whipping cream, mind you). I'll echo that darker, bolder beans make great cold brew. I've tried medium brighter (more acidic) beans, and they just didn't place nicely in the cold. (Beans that I enjoy immensely as hot coffee, mind you.)
Interesting that you brought up Sweet Marias Sumatra... I just roasted that on Sunday (stopped at the beginning of second crack, so a pretty dark roast). We tried it as an AeroPress coffee and just thought it was okay. I then tried it as espresso, and it was perhaps the best shot I've ever tasted. It was magical. It also made tremendously good cold brew. I once again tried it as AeroPress this morning, and it was still blah. These beans excel as espresso and cold brew, but not so much as drop coffee or AeroPress.
Having said all of this, and keeping in mind that cold brew is somewhat pricey due to the higher ratio, it's quite hard for me to beat Costco (Kirkland Signature) Guatemalan beans for cold brew! These beans are only $4.50/lb at my Costco and they're sold in blue foil 3 lb bags. They have a rich, dark chocolate note. When brewed as cold brew with cream, it's a bit like drinking a dark chocolate milk. Even daughter (who is 14 and generally dislikes coffee) LOVES this cold brew w/out a touch of sweetener.
TL;DR: Sweet Maria's Sumatra is incredible in cold brew. Costco Guatemala is ALMOST as good, and is ever cheaper.
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