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· 08/06/2020 3:33 PM
Allenb, how are you doing?

· 08/05/2020 1:08 PM
Is anyone roasting on a Coffee Tech FZ 94? Using Artisan. Need help. thumbdown

· 08/03/2020 11:26 AM
There is (or was? Grin ) a gesha at sweet marias...

· 07/25/2020 12:31 PM
I ran out of Ethiopian Gesha.

· 07/25/2020 12:31 PM
it is ok. I do not remember. I think it was a callout to the spam shout.

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Data Dropouts with Artisan

Just downloaded and started using Artisan with my Omega HH802U meter today. Things were going well and all of a sudden the data input to Artisan showed -1.0 on both the ET and BT. It did this several times in a row and immediately came back to Roaster temps (BT and ET) it did it again once or twice toward the end of the roast.

The Meter itself did not show anything abnormal on the display, it only showed up in Artisan. I changed the batteries in the meter thinking that might be the issue but no go. It dropped out again several times on my second roast. The data cable was undisturbed in case you were wondering. The connections were secure as well. Anyone got an idea what is happening here?

Hottop B-2K w barryR thermocouple mod, Mazzer Mini /Super Jolly burrs, Salvatore E-61 group machine, Aeropress, French press.
By the way, I'm using Artisan 0.9. I am not sure if this is a "tried-and-true" release or I need to go back to 0.6 or so.

Hottop B-2K w barryR thermocouple mod, Mazzer Mini /Super Jolly burrs, Salvatore E-61 group machine, Aeropress, French press.
Successive Artisan builds haven't really worked like that. That is, older builds aren't more robust or error-free than current builds. To the extent errors do occur in newly introduced builds, they're corrected within a few weeks at most.

Compared to 0.8, 0.9 adds some functionality keyed to the Rao Book, The Roasters Companion, which you might find interesting.

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Rich, Definitely a thanks here for the info. Still have to find the reason for the negative spikes in the data for the roast curve display. Almost jacked up a roast of a new coffee because of the dropouts today; it was still a bit more developed than I would have liked to see. This is a "Must-Fix" issue.
Hottop B-2K w barryR thermocouple mod, Mazzer Mini /Super Jolly burrs, Salvatore E-61 group machine, Aeropress, French press.
Those drops are not shown on the Omega display as the Omega applies a significant smoothing on the signal way towards the display, but not towards the serial connection. However, the cause of the drops are most likely ground loop issues on your system or electromagnetic interferences. Please google on HB and here for possible solutions, which includes ungrounded probes, running laptop and meter from battery, ferrite beads, isolating probes from the roaster frame, USB isolators (not sure if the Omega has this build-in, my HH506RA had it in the serial2USB cable). Artisan has a drop spikes input filter (under menu Tools >> Extras, HUD tab and a smooth spikes filter (applied only for rendering). However, those tools are weak and it is better to solve such issues at the source.
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