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View Thread » BUILDING A ROASTER » Drum Roasters
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Hybrid Drum Roaster build
Busy building the Cyclones for my new cooling tray/chaff collector design....

I feel it's important to keep the sizes to a pretty fixed set of proportions ( lots of research out there) mostly based around the diameter chosen....

I've ended up with a twin mirror pair :-). Why will become clearer as I get more fab done......

Happy new year friends :-)
broeker attached the following images:
image_20.jpeg image_21.jpeg image_22.jpeg
Looking good. Are you making your own impellers for these ?
dmccallum wrote:

Looking good. Are you making your own impellers for these ?

I am using two blowers that have been designed for use in "pellet" fire places..... They burn little pellets of wood in an controlled way.... But use blower fans designed to take heat and have straight bladed centripetal fans......... In my experience unless your air stream is 100% free of chaff, the squirrel cage fans clog up...

For the cooling tray I'm fabricating my own impeller.... :-)
Looks awesome! Got a possibly stupid question, how do you add the beans to the roaster? Some sort of removable chute?
Yep rxstar stainless chute and spout.... I tip directly from the container the green beans are weighed into (4kg)

Given it all tips up... It's the easiest way to go.
broeker wrote:

Busy building the Cyclones for my new cooling tray/chaff collector design....

I remember this thread is one of the reasons I joined this forum...superb fabrication & build..the cyclones look awesome!ThumbsUp
Carpe Diem With Coffee
Thanks Long Leaf, your comment is much appreciated :-)
I'm fortunate to work in a metal fabrication/design industry so at least things look tidy (doesn't mean they always function as I wish)

:-) lots of testing & roasting going on at the moment before the latest version gets installed in the Caf :-)

Learning some valuable lessons about the collection of chaff.
But getting 100% separation with the new cyclones. when everything is working.
Little update :-)
broeker attached the following image:
LongLeafSoaps certainly makes creating easier if you have all of the machinery/tools you need at your disposal, but really, it shows you are an artist in neatness of your execution.

I am trying to figure out where the cyclone is installed on your build form the photo you it under the cooling tray? Would you indulge us with another photo taken from a different perspective?

ETA: nevermind...I went back and looked at some of the previous photos..nice!
Carpe Diem With Coffee
Latest batch getting wired 😊
broeker attached the following images:
73dab8dc-b31e-4ea1-8e96-78f1c8fdd3d5.jpeg 0746ed42-9396-4a36-9298-4b3e7d8ce61d.jpeg
That's ramping up production!

Who are you making these for / or roasting for?
They are for a local coffee company for their cafes..... a couple of them are destined for the States :-)
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