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03/20/2019 4:17 AM
Eth Yirg Nat Idido Gr1 today.

03/18/2019 8:15 AM
1 lb roasted lasts a week. I can taste the flavor increase to peak, then drop after. Still very good, but interesting to follow the wave of flavor rise and fall.

03/11/2019 4:10 PM
Roasted Panama Gesha Esmeralda yesterday. Yummy.

03/11/2019 3:10 PM
I seem to have lost any roasting touch I thought I had. Very frustrated to be wasting time and money. I’m hoping someone can provide some insight on roasting at high altitude. I’m at 4400ft. Thank

03/07/2019 8:50 AM

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TC4 with aArtisanQ_PID
Wiz Kalita
This is true, and my curves look like your first one. I'll switch to controlling on ET from now on. But what I meant was that OT1 and ET follow each other close enough that I think controlling on OT1 directly without any PID could be a good idea.
Hi all,

The was an error in version 6_6 that stopped the sketch from compiling in one of the modes. This release fixes that issue.

Github download link - aArtisanQ_PID version 6_7

I've also updated some guide documents relating to the aArtisanQ_PID sketch which may help new users get going. However, the guides assume you already know how to program an Arduino.
greencardigan attached the following file: [473.3kB / 51 Downloads]
Two questions for anyone that has a deep understanding of TC source:

- why there is no data stream output, for any protocol, if standalone mode is chosen ?
Somewhat related, why no buttons/profile available if using an external roasting app?
In both cases the reasoning is same as above, maybe I want to roast with internal TC4 profile/PID and send data to Artisan... seems not possible with actual code.

- the second is about power control when using ICC... at some moment in time inside the ISR routine, at line 151, the Bresenham's algorithm decide to raise OT_ICC pin to HIGH. I don't see where in the code/moment in time, where the OT_ICC pin is reset to zero before the start of the next half sine, which is mandatory, imo, else the ZCD will never trigger one more time the ISR. And the heater will remain full power on forever. At least so happens to me...

btw, in my twisted mind, ISS should logically reside in same module as slow PWM control. Using a ZCD doesn't not make this method belonging to the phase angle principle, is still an on-off method, very fast and synced with frequency, but on-off.
Why would be this preferable... because there could be cases of ZCD malfunction, experienced them, where merging ICC with PWM in the same code would allow instant switching from ICC to slow PWM if ZCD fails/timeout. And save the roast... Grin
I don't have a full understanding of how the ICC code works but I will have a look at when I get a chance.

I believe that I didn't see any need at the time to include any output stream in standalone mode. It was intended for use when logging software was not being used. Maybe the TC4 profiling and buttons could be activated when in other modes? Actually it appears that the profile code is active in all modes. As you know there were low memory issues at one time and the button checking code was disabled in other modes to try and reduce memory usage. It is quite possible that it could be added back in as there was also some other memory savings.

Regarding the ICC and PWM being separate , this was a result of my merging of Jim's two branches. He had a PWM and phase angle control branches each with their own libraries and I simply merged them and include the appropriate library as required.
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