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· 06/24/2020 7:58 AM
@Mark McCornack, Please post your question in the forum.

Mark McCornack
· 06/15/2020 9:28 PM
Hi! Looking for a legacy inlet temp sensor on 13 yr old Gene Cafe. It seems they've changed it and now you need new mother board and new sensor. Any ideas where I can find compatibile old one? Mark

· 06/09/2020 6:39 PM
Wich thermometers Can i buy for my roasting machine compatible with usb or macbook?

· 06/05/2020 5:38 PM
peveleth, It is better if you start a post in the forum with your question. These shouts go away in time.

· 06/05/2020 3:10 PM
For Gene Cafe Roasters I have an older Gene Cafe Roaster. Temp fluctuates probably showing age. Question: For recent owners of the newer Gene Cafe Roaster, your opinions?

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Some Gene Roasting Questions from a Newbie
Inspired by these posts I watched several YouTube videos ...

After looking at all these experiences I feel that all CGs behave very consistently, and that the differences between hot and standard CGs while operating is not that big - one thing is an empty machine and another, quite different, is roasting a full batch - and that these, apparently rather discrete differences, should be possible to even out by slightly reducing the batch weight.

I've got the impression that the inter roasts variation, from one roast to another with the same machine, could be more significant than the difference between similar roasters.

As I mentioned before, I arrived to different results using the same beans and profile.

As a matter of fact, commercially roasted beans (Probat, Diedrich, etc), from the same micro-lot, also tasted wonderful the first time and nothing special the next.

Therefore, it seems we are not alone out there :-)

That would leave us with two main variables:
1. the beans and environmental conditions
2. Our own understanding and taste for what is or not a good roast, how to compare with a first class Comercial roast, and how to objectively rate a profile.

If compare with baking, we also realize that it's. the water content and "hardness" of the subject that will mainly define the required time and temperature.
GC, Bezzera Strega, Macap 4M, Graef ES90, Lido, Mokas, Drip, AP & Co.
Under the heading of "Unconscious Competence" or "accidental excellence" or "Blind Hog finds acorn," the tale of the following roast:

Peru Villa Rica
following Barrie, after cooling to 140, set 424 and bumped at yellow to 474. that was about 5.5 minutes into the roast. Had first crack 10.5 minutes in, let it roll almost a minute then I hit the red button instead of turning it. Of course it went to cool.

Panic stricken, I punched buttons and twisted knobs for around 20 to 30 seconds before I figured out, just put time on the roaster, set to 482 and hit red. So I was roasting again.. I just kept it on 482 and let it go another minute or so full on till the beans looked Full City and cooled, expecting to taste the disaster I had just provoked. I did not get into second.

To my surprise, a fabulous roast, perhaps the best cup of pourover I have ever roasted, and very sweet in espresso blend. Probably the best tasting roast overall I had ever done. Of course, had no idea of the time the beans went without heat while I was fumbling. However, they were well into first crack when it happened.

So I have been thinking, which is always dangerous. Beans are exothermic during first crack, so when the roaster stopped heating 2/3 of way thru first crack the beans may have coasted, not dropped much in temperature during my 30 seconds of panicked punching and turning. Then after the break from external heat, i.e. letting the gene plummet, by turning to 482, it heated with no off cycling for the duration of the roast. This I found intriguing.

I just did four more roasts using Barrie's profile above, about a minute into first crack just when rolling is slowing, dropping the gene set temp way down enough to keep it dark for 30 seconds, then up to 482 so it would heat continuously to end of roast. All the roasts ended 3.5 minutes after onset of first crack, without getting into second. after Barrie's initial 424, I used 474 for Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador, and 482 for Yemen. They all look to be full city with maybe the Ecuador at City +, I will have to grind it to be sure. The proof will be in the tasting.

The difference in this, at least for me, is that before when I would drop during rolling first to 450 or 440, I would get to a point within 30 seconds where the gene was cycling on and off for the duration of the roast. With this cool/hot approach, once the heat comes back on there is no cycling off until I end the roast. The temp readout on the four roasts had dropped to about 430-440 during the 30 seconds before I did the reset to 482.

Just another example of how versatile the gene truly is, and I will let you know after the tasting.

Gene Cafe, Behmor, Aeropress, various pourover, biggins, heirloom coffeepots, Crossland CC1 with VST 18 and 15 gram baskets.

"How Good's the Coffee; How Bad's the Pie!"
John Despres
Nobody's profile here is perfect. The key is to play, pay attention and make notes.

Wally's latest show how experiments or accidents can lead to a great cuppa joe.

Carry on!

Have fun
Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
yesterday was my fifth batch of roasting coffee and according to manual it's time to clean the chaft collector, before doing that let me tell my short story the first time experience with Gene Cafe.

it's already three weeks I own Gene Cafe my first batch run on the factory default setting which is 250 C/15 minutes and the green beans is Java arabica when the roasting process about to end it seem the collor of the bean is just brown pale or perhaps at cinnamon roast but not sure it already past the first crack or not since this is my first roasting activity for the whole of my life I realy don't know what is the heck of first crack.. ;-)

since the bean collor is mot the one that the coffee bean from the shop that I always drink, so I tried to extend the roasting time 10 minutes more by turning the timer button while the alarm for the last 1 minutes beeping, but still on 250 C, I assume that since the Gene Cafe is begin on ambient temperature which is about 25 C seem need some warming up time..

the 10 minutes extra is seem too long while the bean collor is already what I want which is dark brown and even it's so bright with oil on it and the most important is there was smoke comming out so wildly which my feeling is so pannic afraid of fire then I force to short the timmer to 0, glad not to push the off button or pull the cable out..

above of all, my first time experience with roasting was a success one followed by the other 2nd and 3rd batch but yesterday the 4th batch is a bit fail since the Gene Cafe was start at ambient temperature which is 25 C the extra 2 minutes for warming up time is not enough which was the Gene Cafe setting at 250/17 will not giving good result.

the fifth batch was run successfully reaching the cook profile that I want, the I did re-roasting the fourth batch while Gene Cafe was still warm, what happened is seem the coffee bean is stuck with the condition of 4th batch although there iis cooked different but not really significant.

so re-roasting coffee bean from my experience is a big no even from my other experience I had re-roasted the grind bean or coffee that already in powder doesn't make any better and even it much worse, coffee is roasted only in one shoot same also pouring the coffee with water we have only one change, that is the beauty of coffee.. :)

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