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Koffee Kosmo
· 08/12/2020 5:37 PM
And I thought it was just me that couldn't access the site All good now - coffee kept me company

· 08/10/2020 8:46 PM
Had to make myself another cup of coffee to get through it.

· 08/10/2020 7:33 PM
I went into withdrawal for a bit. Now .. all is good. roar

· 08/10/2020 7:26 PM
Yeah Jack I think so, I couldn't access for a bit

· 08/10/2020 6:51 PM
Did we lose the site for a while?

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Best Roast Level for Pacamara?
I have a lot of El Salvador Pacamara beans and a Poppery hot air roaster. Does anyone have suggestions as to the best level of roast to take these beans to so they show their best?

Thank you.
do you have a farm name or can you tell us how is was processed?

most of that that I have had has been city plus to full city plus depending on what flavors you may want from the coffee.


In addition to what Ginny said, the answer would also depend on your favorite method of extraction. For example, if you like filter/drip coffee, you might experiment with roast stoppages ranging between the beginning and the end of FC. If you prefer espresso, you might experiment with roast stoppages around the beginning of SC and possibly beyond
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I don't know the farm's name, but I use a French press. I'll experiment.
The best aspects of a pacamara are the lightly floral and fruited notes, so a dark roast would be too much. Pacamara is also pretty hard to roast well using a fluidbed, it is a large screen size and medium density bean, so it is difficult to loft. Best results usually come from a slow start, fast finish roast that ends fairly soon after first crack ends.

My recommendation is to use a small load, and stir vigorously in the beginning. Keep the popper tilted throughout the roast, and be prepared for the temperature to take off like a rocket when you hit first crack, those big beans have a lot of thermal inertia. I would probably end the roast by smell, when you think the fruit aromas are starting to fade, it's time to stop.
Thanks, Jim. I modified my technique today and roasted some more of these beans. Longer delay until first crack and definitely a lighter roast. I'm optimisitc.
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